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Elder Stevenson tweeted admiration for Muslims and their dedication to God and Sister Craig stated, “No one is going to be offended by you being nice.”

President Camille N. Johnson shares about participating in a community baby shower, and President Porter posts about honoring baptismal covenants

“In what ways has your life been blessed by being a part of this worldwide sisterhood?” asks President Johnson.

After studying the scriptural phrase “firmness of mind” and asking for others’ insights, Elder Bednar shared 10 of those responses.

President Johnson and President Cordon share a video from Kenya, Sister Yee speaks to single sisters and Sister Craig and Sister Wright share about women who have been examples to them.

Elder Christofferson tweeted about focusing on Christ, President Ballard on having “confidence in our futures,” and Elder Uchtdorf on how mistakes can help people become better through the Atonement.

Sister Craven says rest is needed “to listen to the Spirit, to gather in peace and to feel energized and happy.”

In a series of videos on social media, Elder Gerrit W. Gong shared doctrines from the scriptures to personally relate to while seeking healing and peace from life’s trials.

Also, discover why Elder Bednar says, “Do not resist change. Embrace it.”

Elder Uchtdorf says Christ rejoices when individuals “walk through life seeking His way”

Social posts from Church leaders this week include Elder Christofferson tweeting about World Interfaith Harmony Week, Elder Andersen sharing about attending the temple with three of his grandsons, and Elder Gong about the covenant path.

On social media this week, Elder Bednar conducted a live Q&A and President Johnson said all will intersect with those “who need you and people from whom you will learn.”

On social media this week, President Ballard shared a lesson from the stars, Elder Andersen encouraged constant faith-growing in Christ, and Sister Wright shares how she was inspired by children in the Philippines.

On social media this week, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland encouraged all to have hope and Sister Tracy Y. Browning testified that Christ is always there.

President Nelson, Elder Holland, Elder Uchtdorf and other leaders share messages on social media about turning to Jesus Christ.

Elder Holland writes that “we have every reason to hope,” Elder Uchtdorf opened 2023 by imparting wisdom he found in a fortune cookie and Elder Gong testifies of the Resurrection.

For President Russell M. Nelson, deep sea fishing has been “infrequent but instructive.” Here are three lessons he shared in a new years social media post.

On social media this week, Elder Neil L. Andersen wrote about giving Pelé, President Camille N. Johnson said husbands and wives should work together as equal partners, and President Bonnie H. Cordon answered the question, “Should I go to FSY?”

Several Church leaders posted on social media this week about Christmas. Here’s what they said.

Church leaders posting on social media this week include President Johnson and President Porter encouraging all to serve and President Cordon teaching how to be good receivers

Church leaders posting on social media this week include President Oaks and Elder Andersen sharing their thoughts from the First Presidency’s Christmas Devotional and President Cordon explains what to do to prepare for 2023.

Church leaders posting on social media this week include President M. Russell Ballard sharing about his mission, Elder David A. Bednar on why children are precious gifts and President Johnson reflects on her recent ministry in in Argentina, Paraguay and Chile.

“Be moral, ethical, and honest,” Elder Rasband wrote on social media this week. “Your word is your bond.”

Church leaders who posted on social media this week included President M. Russell Ballard, Elder D. Todd Christofferson and Sister Tracy Y. Browning. See what they wrote.

Elder Uchtdorf recognized Native American Heritage month and Sister Craig posted about being “higher and holier.”

On social media this week, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland taught how to “choose to be humble”; Elder Neil L. Andersen said Tony Finau is an example of an “unashamed” member of the Church.

President M. Russell Ballard posted about the blessing of repentance, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf shared moments from his trip to Asia, and President Camille N. Johnson explained how the Savior helps people not become “root-bound.”

Church leaders posted on social media about the Hamilton New Zealand Temple rededication and the power in Primary songs

Church leaders posted on social media about being Christ’s disciples, avoiding comparison and the power of prayer

Short video highlights, stories and testimonies augmented messages after each session of conference concluded.