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Year in Review

A look back at the topics, counsel, invitations, insights and warnings of Church leaders during university devotionals and graduations in 2022.

President Dallin H. Oaks, Sister Wendy Nelson, and others joined the Church News podcast in 2022

President Nelson announced 17 temples in April 2022 general conference and another 18 in October — one more than he announced in 2021.

Historic photos in 2022 include announcements, dedication of temples, humanitarian work and the ministries by general authorities and officers.

After striving to chronicle a “Living Record of the Restoration” this past year, Church News staffers share their favorite stories, moments or experiences.

Church logged 16 groundbreakings in 2022 and 49 total to start the 2020s, with 56 temples overall under construction.

Total temples reach 300, dedicated temples at 175 and most-in-a-year 35 new temples announced in 2022.

This episode of the Church News podcast recaps the important events of 2022 and how they affected Latter-day Saints and the world.

Read a Church News compilation of significant Church events, news and milestones that happened in 2022.