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What children's song was included in the hymnbook in 1985, after it was performed by missionaries in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square?

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"Called to Serve" – written for children to remind them that they are called to serve their Heavenly Father, to be witnesses for His name, and to proclaim His love – has been in the children's songbooks of the Church since 1920. In April 1985, it was performed in the Assembly Hall by a group of missionaries from the Missionary Training Center at a meeting of all mission presidents of the Church. An editorial in the Church News stated, "The impact of this experience was so moving that tears were flowing and deep emotions were stirred. It was an unforgettable spiritual moment." Consequently, "Called to serve" was added to the hymnbook.

Source: "Our Children's Songs, Teaching the Gospel with the Children's Songbook," by Virginia B. Cannon, page 32.