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President Bingham teaches Ensign College students the antidote to the ‘unique anxieties of this era’ "I pray you will remember who you are, keep an eternal focus and build your foundation on Jesus Christ," President Jean B. Bingham told Ensign College students.
Elder Bangerter sees ‘bonds of friendship’ during Philippines’ Week of Prayer for Christian Unity “The Savior’s prayerful pleading for unity became the hallmark of his intercessory prayer, and therefore, should be at the heart of our lives," Elder Steven R. Bangerter said.
New responsibilities for Primary counselors among latest updates to the General Handbook "We are not just preparing our children for events; we are preparing them for a lifetime of covenant keeping," Primary General President Camille N. Johnson said.
The Church has an ‘unparalleled future’ in Europe, President Nelson tells Latter-day Saints from 48 European countries At a time when some feel that religion is dying in Europe, Latter-day Saints are "the hope of Europe," said President Russell M. Nelson.
Music & the Spoken Word: Paying attention Pausing to focus on the things — and the people — that matter most brings clarity to the mind and contentment to the heart, Lloyd Newell shares in "Music & the Spoken Word" with The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square.
How seminary blessed the life of President Ballard growing up in a family that didn’t attend church In today’s conflicted world, young people need the joy and peace offered by the Savior Jesus Christ through His gospel, President Ballard taught during a Seminaries and Institutes of Religion broadcast.