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Music & the Spoken Word: Self-control, liberty and law "We have to have self-control, always we have to live our lives with law as well as with liberty," Lloyd Newell quotes Elder Richard L. Evans in this week's "Music & the Spoken Word" with The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square.
Elder Nash shares 3 principles and 5 how-tos of being converted unto the Lord “Your paramount duty is to help each missionary be ‘converted unto the Lord,’ through their missionary experience,” said Elder Nash to new mission leaders.
Emeritus General Authority Seventy Elder J. Richard Clarke remembered for his generosity, hard work and commitment to the gospel Elder J. Richard Clarke, 95, an emeritus general authority, died Wednesday, June 29, after more than two decades of full-time Church service.
Young Women: How to help create a Christ-centered and youth-led camp The Young Women general presidency answers questions about how to help youth leaders be successful in planning a camp experience.
Elder Rasband on helping young mission leaders lead in the Savior’s way "Leadership opportunities delegated to young mission leaders is a great privilege and opportunity for them to learn to lead in the Savior’s way," Elder Rasband taught.
Elder Neil L. Andersen and Sister Kathy Andersen on how to lead as disciples of Jesus Christ During the 2022 Seminar for New Mission Leaders, Elder Neil L. Andersen offered three ways to implement both higher love and higher expectations.
Sister Barbara K. Christensen, wife of Elder Joe J. Christensen, dies at age 96 The Lord utilized Sister Barbara K. Christensen, who passed away on June 14, and her husband, Elder Joe J. Christensen, to bless and build the Church across the globe.
Episode 90: Deseret News family policy reporter talks about her youth and what she learned about ‘seeing’ from blind parents After almost four decades of writing about families in crisis and family policy, Deseret News reporter Lois M. Collins joins the Church News podcast to talk about her own family and faith.
In special sacrament meeting for mission leaders, President Nelson urges all to spend private time each day with the Lord “As you reserve this precious time of preparation each day, the Holy Ghost can reach you and teach you,” President Russell M. Nelson promised new mission leaders.
Mission leader success, teaches Elder Renlund, comes when their missionaries become faithful disciples of Christ Mission leaders can find success by helping the missionaries become faithful disciples of Christ while focusing on their teaching objectives, Elder Dale G. Renlund taught.