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Inside Church headquarters: A look at 3 of the Church’s executive councils and what they do Learn more about the Missionary Executive Council, the Priesthood and Family Executive Council and the Temple and Family History Executive Council.
When life seems in free fall, grasp the divine parachute, Young Men President Lund tells BYU–I graduates During BYU–Idaho’s spring commencement, Young Men General President Steven J. Lund compared graduates being launched into the career world to a man's experience being shot out of an airplane.
Trail, sail or rail? Evening from the Museum online presentation to explore stories of how pioneers headed west Tiffany Taylor Bowles will highlight the experiences of Black pioneer Green Flake, British widow Jean Rio Baker and Danish couple Niels and Margarethe Nielsen as they journeyed west.
Gospel Library children’s collection gives access to content made just for them This new digital resource in Gospel Library was made for children to be able to navigate by themselves and is designed to be engaging for children with illustrations and child-friendly buttons.
Pioneer Day concert on hiatus — but Tabernacle Choir fans can enjoy online selection from past concerts The pandemic forced the cancellation of the Tabernacle Choir's 2021 Pioneer Day concert, but loyal listeners can still enjoy performances from past concerts while looking forward to the choir's return.
Youth advisers do far more than teach Sunday lessons General Young Men and Young Women leaders emphasize the importance of youth advisers allowing young people to build confidence by learning to lead.
Latter-day Saint Charities helps fight Type 2 diabetes in Kiribati through garden project The Church is trying to help decrease the incidence of diabetes across the Pacific by offering inexpensive, healthy food options through small family and community gardens.
How lessons from the Mormon Battalion mustering are relevant 175 years later It was 175 years ago this month when the Mormon Battalion starting its march across the U.S. Here's what one group of researchers has done to verify who was in the battalion.
Music & the Spoken Word: Persevere with hope So what does a seventh-inning stretch provide? Perspective. By standing up for a moment, you can see a little better, shares Lloyd Newell in this week's "Music & the Spoken Word" with the Tabernacle Choir on Temple Square.
How Latter-day Saints in the Pacific are serving their communities Winter pajamas for foster kids, computers for the blind, trees and shrubs and blankets for new mothers are among service projects performed by Latter-day Saints in the Pacific.