Angel Moroni statue placed atop the Kyiv Ukraine Temple in eastern Europe


A special ceremony wasn’t planned for the mounting of the Angel Moroni statue atop the Kyiv Ukraine Temple on Sept. 19.

However, more than 650 Church members — including parents sitting with their children — attended a devotional meeting in the chapel of a meetinghouse at the temple site in the early afternoon.

About two hours before the devotional, the angel statue was positioned near the temple in a fenced area designed for members and visitors to observe the placing of the statue.

Those who arrived early to the devotional were delighted to take pictures of their groups standing near the statue.

During the devotional, talks were given about the importance of temples, of possessing a temple recommend and attending the temple often. A video helped impress the importance of temple work.

Following the devotional, workmen were ready to hoist the statue. Members and guests watched with eagerness as the crane lifted the statue. Their eyes remained fixed on the statue as it was attached to its commanding position — heralding the restored gospel to all of eastern Europe East Area.

The Kyiv temple is the first to be built in the current Europe East Area. Completion is anticipated sometime in 2010.

For members in Ukraine and throughout the Europe East Area where the Church is still relatively young, the placing of the Angel Moroni statue is symbolic of the growing Church in a land long starved for the gospel.