Country information: Australia


Jan. 1, 2009: Est. population, 21,262,000; Members, 123,650; Stakes, 33; Wards, 194; Branches, 90; Missions, 7; Districts, 10; Temples, 5;Percent LDS, 0.58, or 1 LDS in 172; Pacific Area.

In the southwest South Pacific, the island-continent of Australia is a democratic federal state in the British commonwealth. Australia’s population speaks English, and is 26 percent Anglican, 25 percent Protestant, and 25 percent Roman Catholic.

In 1840, William Barratt, 17, was called from England to serve a mission in Australia. He found circumstances difficult, but baptized Robert Beauchamp who later became an influential mission president in Australia. Then next missionary was Andrew Anderson who had been baptized by Orson Pratt in Scotland. Before he emigrated to Australia, he was given license to preach there. He and his family arrived in 1842. By the end of 1844, he organized a branch of 11 members in the private township of Montefiores, some 220 miles northwest of Sydney.

John Murdock and Charles Wandell arrived from Utah 31 October 1851 in Sydney, and established mission headquarters there. They published tracts, began preaching and found a few converts among a people very distracted by a gold rush. A year later, 47 members were in the mission when Murdock left because of ill health. On 6 April 1853, Wandell left with a company of Saints. A few days later, another 10 missionaries arrived under the direction of Augustus Farnham.

At least nine companies emigrated from Australia to Utah in the 1800s. The most serious ship accident among all the LDS emigrating companies occurred 3 October 1855, when the bark Julia Ann, carrying 28 Saints emigrating to Utah from Australia, broke up on shoals near the Scilly Islands. Five people were drowned in the mishap.

When word of the Utah War arrived in Australia in late December 1857, all missionaries returned to Utah. From then until 1875 only a few American missionaries were sent to Australia. Moreover, with greater successes in New Zealand, efforts of the Australasian Mission were focused there and in 1880 mission headquarters were moved to Auckland. After 1875 efforts in Australia were renewed and on 1 January 1898, the Australasian Mission was divided, forming the Australian and New Zealand Missions. At the time, membership in Australia was about 200.

Missionaries arrived in Perth, Western Australia, in 1888. The first LDS meetinghouse in the country was completed in Brisbane in 1904. Emigrating members continually depleted numbers and upset the Australian government, who in 1917 limited the number of missionaries who could enter Australia and in1918 forbade “emigration propaganda.”

Meetinghouses were dedicated in Melbourne in 1922, Adelaide in 1923, Sydney in 1924, and Perth and Hobart in 1925. World War II brought the evacuation of missionaries and slowed the work. Furthermore, shipping difficulties began immediately after the war and hindered the return of missionaries.

The South Australian Mission was created in 1955, with headquarters in Melbourne, and David O. McKay authorized the construction of new meetinghouses that same year.

Australia’s first stake was organized in Sydney 27 March 1960. Additional missions were created in 1958 (Adelaide), 1973 (Brisbane), and 1975 (Perth), 1993 (Sydney North) and 1998 (Melbourne West). The Sydney Australia Temple, dedicated 1984, was Australia’s first temple. Additional temples have been dedicated in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane.

Members assisted as volunteers with the 2000 Summer Olympic Games.

On 28 March 2003, Elder Kenneth Johnson presented 100,000 Australian Dollars to the Farmhand Foundation for drought relief.

In 2003, membership reached 106,930. In 2005, membership reached 111,098.

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Stakes — 33

(Listed alphabetically as of Oct. 1, 2009.)

No. / Name / Organized / First President

Pacific Area

2129 Adelaide Australia Firle 26 Nov 1995 Philip F. Howes

414 *Adelaide Australia Marion 6 Jan 1982

*Adelaide Australia Payneham 23 Apr 1978

*Adelaide Australia

Adelaide 23 Feb 1966 Dudley Russell Tredrea

907 Adelaide Australia Modbury 23 Apr 1978 Douglas E. Hann

306 *Brisbane Australia

Brisbane 23 Oct 1960 William E. Waters

2776 Brisbane Australia Centenary 15 Sep 2007 James Francis O’Reilly

2605 Brisbane Australia Logan 22 Sep 2002 Robert Gordon

1684 Brisbane Australia North 7 Feb 1988 Douglas Walter Hill

2022 Canberra Australia 19 Feb 1995 Peter John Moir

2141 Devonport Australia 10 Dec 1995 John Robert Hargreaves

892 *Eight Mile Plains Australia 10Dec 1995

Brisbane Australia South 19 Feb 1978 John D. Jeffrey

2140 Gold Coast Australia 10 Dec 1995 Robert Gordon

860 Hobart Tasmania Australia 14 Sep 1977 John Douglas Jury

1279 *Ipswich Australia 6 May 1986

Brisbane Australia West 21 Jun 1981 John D. Jeffrey

Launceton Tasmania

2498 Liverpool Australia 25 Oct 1998 Maa Junior Maa

1988 *Macarthur Australia Stake 25 Oct 1998

Sydney Australia Campbelltown 28 Aug 1994 Ma’a Ma’a Jr.

551 *Melbourne Australia Braeside 5 Apr 1994

*Melbourne Australia Dandenong 18 Mar 1986

*Melbourne Australia Moorabbin

Melbourne South 22 Aug 1971 Bruce James Opie

1175 *Melbourne Australia Deer Park 18 Mar 1986

*Melbourne Australia

Fairfield West 7 Sep 1980 Edward Anderson

307 *Melbourne Australia Heidelberg 2 Jul 1995

*Melbourne Australia Fairfield

Melbourne 30 Oct 1960 Boyd C. Bott

1617 *Melbourne Australia Maroondah 2 Jul 1995

Melbourne Australia Waverly 7 Dec 1986 Ian Frank Davenport

2070 Melbourne Australia Pakenham 2 Jul 1995 J. Murray Lobley

2478 *Melbourne Australia Wyndham 16 Oct 2002

Melbourne Australia West 21 Jun 1998 Russell Bruce John Bielenberg

2264a Nambour Australia 17 Nov 1996 Michael Douglas Keily

1106 *Newcastle Australia 15 Jul 1986

Sydney Australia Newcastle 15 Feb 1980 Peter R. Barr

2450 Penrith Australia 19 Apr 1998 Jeffrey D. Cummings

447 *Perth Australia Dianella 6 Jul 1980

*Perth Australia

Perth 28 Nov 1967 Donald W. Cummings

2292 Perth Australia Rockingham 15 Dec 1996 Adrian Shane Palm

1159 Perth Australia Southern River 6 Jul 1980 Roy B. Webb

2033 Perth Australia Warwick 12 Mar 1995 Peter Fletcher Meurs

293 *Sydney Australia Greenwich

Sydney 27 Mar 1960 Dell C. Hunt

1105 Sydney Australia Hebersham 15 Feb 1980 Peter J. Moir

2303 Sydney Australia Hyde Park 2 Feb 1997 Patrick R. Ormond Jr.

435 *Sydney Australia Mortdale 2 Jun 1992

*Mortdale Australia 31 Mar 1992

*Sydney Australia Mortdale 15 Feb 1980

*Sydney Australia South

Sydney South 14 May 1967 John Daniel Parker

495 *Sydney Australia Parramatta 2 Jun 1992

*Parramatta Australia 31 Mar 1992

*Sydney Australia Parramatta 15 Feb 1980

*Parramatta Australia

Parramatta (Australia) 2 Nov 1969 Stanley Owen Gray

Missions — 7

(As of Oct. 1, 2007; shown with historical number.)


P.O. Box 97

Marden, South Australia



P.O. Box 348

5070 Hamilton, Brisbane

QLD 4007, Australia


628 Canterbury Road

Vermont, VIC 3133



PO Box 354

Niddrie, VIC 3042



P.O. Box 185

Tuart Hill, WA 6939



756 Pennant Hills Road

Carlingford NSW 2118



2 Breakwell Street

Mortdale, NSW 2223