Japan earthquake facts

A record 9.0-magnitude earthquake struck Japan on March 11, causing a powerful tsunami and leaving a wake of destruction. Following is a summary of the status of Church members and properties, according to a Church Welfare report:

All missionaries in Japan are safe and accounted for.

In response to the radiation danger, the Church announced March 15 that it will move 200 missionaries from the Sendai and Tokyo missions out of the areas of concern.

All Church members are safe and accounted for with the exception of three units, where leaders continue efforts to reach all of their members.

The Church has committed substantial financial aid for the disaster. Area leaders are working with government and humanitarian organizations to provide assistance.

The Asia North Area Office has dispatched welfare and priesthood leaders to the affected area to perform a first-hand assessment of needs and to help organize relief to Church members and the community. An emergency response specialist from Church headquarters has gone to Japan to assist with this effort.

23 meetinghouses have sustained varying degrees of damage.

There is no significant damage to the Tokyo Japan Temple.

The LDS disaster response team at Church headquarters is closely monitoring the situation and is in constant contact with the area office in Tokyo.

Members throughout Japan are expressing their love and sympathy to those affected by the quake.