Using an LDS account

Ten things to do online after logging into Church websites

Although the Church offers numerous pages of free content, registering for an LDS account allows users to customize their experience and gain access to additional resources. Several sites cannot be accessed without an LDS account.

The login screen for creating an LDS account.
The login screen for creating an LDS account.

So what kinds of things are available to someone who has an LDS account? One LDSTech user, Samuel Bradshaw, made a list of 57 things. The inspiration for this article came from his posting on the LDSTech website. The original .pdf post is here:

Drawing from Brother Bradshaw’s list of possible activities, the ten most interesting things a person can do with an account are listed here in greater detail:

Patriarchal blessings: The Church keeps a record of patriarchal blessings. Through the natural events of life, a blessing might get lost or be destroyed. Members can request a copy of their own blessings or even a copy of a deceased ancestor. For details on how to request a copy of a blessing, go to

Food Storage: Finding time to get to the Church cannery to get some needed help with food storage can be difficult. With an LDS account, a person can order food storage products online and have them shipped right to their door. Find out how at

At, a person can submit photos, videos and other creative work to the Church for use.
At, a person can submit photos, videos and other creative work to the Church for use.

Family History: It is hoped that most people have a visual copy of their family tree, but how many people have seen their ancestors displayed in a beautiful, full-color fan chart? It’s a new feature on the Church’s family history site. Adding a million records almost every day, is the place to find out about ancestors even if Aunt Mary told everyone the work has already been done. Take a look at

The Vineyard is a site full of service opportunities for members of the Church.
The Vineyard is a site full of service opportunities for members of the Church.

Get a job: For the unemployed, underemployed or the unhappily employed, is a place to visit. Not only is it a website that allows people to search thousands of job postings, it also helps employers find employees. The site allows someone to develop a comprehensive career plan. Go to to start. If you are interested in employment with the Church, go to

Church subscriptions: Keep up to date and informed about all of the gospel-themed Mormon messages from Church leaders, new or updated websites and opportunities to beta test or develop Church software. Go to and login. Look for a screen that lists personal account information. In the left-hand column is a link labeled “subscriptions.” Click on it. Click the green “continue” button. There should now be a page with more personal information with a tab called “profile” at the top. Next to that tab is a tab labeled “subscriptions.” Click it and on the new page click the boxes of the items you would like to be notified about.

Create and share: Share photos, video clips, short videos and musical arrangements for others to enjoy. Upload creative works for review and possible inclusion in the Church’s online library. If accepted, items could be used in Church magazines, brochures, posters, blogs, videos and websites, and in members’ blogs, lessons, websites, videos and other media. Go to for more information.

Volunteer: Learn about opportunities to help build the kingdom of God by visiting Helping in the vineyard is an exercise in service. The website contains a basket of service activities that can be completed in minutes. Regardless of a person’s location in the world, participants can find service activities that take as little as a few minutes to perform. With the generous help of volunteers, the Church is able to publish and share more resources worldwide.

Magnify callings: Receiving a call to serve in the Church can be an exciting opportunity. Often members need training about how to serve in a specific calling. Hosting how-to videos from members around the world, the leadership training library shows practical instruction to help strengthen and guide those who have been called to serve. Videos cover all organizations in a ward. Find the library at

Create a profile: Members across the world have been featured in member profiles and videos called the “I’m a Mormon Campaign.” Every member is part of a community that is over 15 million strong. Members are encouraged to create their own profile at and share their feelings about the gospel. The website is a missionary tool and is intended to provide information about the LDS faith. Find out how at

Write an article for a Church Magazine: Church magazines accept submissions from members of the Church. The Ensign, Friend, Liahona and New Era would not be able to fulfill their purpose without the help of contributors. Members can submit articles and photos to be considered for publication at

Getting an LDS account involves a little bit of work but it is open to members and nonmembers alike. Members will need to register by entering a membership record number. For a members to find out what their membership records are, they should talk to their ward or branch clerk. Nonmembers will need to answer a few questions to create an account. To begin the process, go to

“Ordinary people who faithfully, diligently, and consistently do simple things that are right before God will bring forth extraordinary results” (Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, General Young Women Meeting, April 2011).