This week on social: President Nelson poses with newest great-grandchild in heartwarming post about family

From wives to great-grandchildren to in-laws, leaders of the Church have posted on social media this week about lessons and inspiration they’ve found from their family members.

President Russell M. Nelson is the father of nine daughters and one son and has 57 grandchildren. Those grandchildren are now having their own children, President Nelson wrote in an Instagram post on July 7.

“I feel pure joy every time I welcome a new member of our family into the world.”

In that post, President Nelson shared a photo of him holding the newest great-grandchild in his family.

Heavenly Father’s deepest desire is that His children “will choose to come back home to Him,” the post read.

He has also made it possible for all of His children to communicate with Him. “Through sincere prayer, you may reach out to your Heavenly Father at any time, and through the whisperings of the Holy Ghost, He will respond.”

“Some of you may remember moments kneeling in the sealing room of the temple and sitting in the celestial room with loved ones,” President Henry B. Eyring, second counselor in the First Presidency, wrote in a July 10 Instagram post. “Those are memories you will treasure as long as you live — and forever.”

Accompanying the post was a photo of President Eyring and his wife, Sister Kathy Eyring, on their wedding day.

The love the Lord manifested in the temple “is a memory I will always cherish of my own wedding day,” President Eyring’s post read. “I testify that temple blessings will bring happiness to you in this life and forever.”

In a post featuring a photo of President M. Russell Ballard and his wife, Sister Barbara Ballard, the acting president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles shared how women have been “divinely endowed with a unique kind of discernment and strength.”

“Each of you must come to know what the Lord wants for you individually, given the choices before you,” President Ballard wrote in the July 11 Instagram post. “Once you know the Lord’s will, you can then move forward in faith to fulfill your individual purpose.”

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Women have remarkable influence. You sisters have been divinely endowed with a unique kind of discernment and strength that differs in some ways from the gifts our Heavenly Father gave His sons. These differences are intentional and eternal. They don’t make you better than a man, nor do they make you inferior to him. They just make you different—wonderfully, deliberately, everlastingly so. . Each of you must come to know what the Lord wants for you individually, given the choices before you. Once you know the Lord's will, you can then move forward in faith to fulfill your individual purpose. One sister may be inspired to continue her education and attend medical school. For another sister, inspiration may lead her to forego a scholarship to a prestigious institution and instead begin a family much earlier than has become common in this generation. . Is it possible for two similarly faithful women to receive such different responses to the same basic questions? Absolutely! What’s right for one woman may not be right for another. That’s why it is so important that we should not question each other’s choices or the inspiration behind them. And we should refrain from asking hurtful and unsupportive questions. We can all be kinder and more thoughtful of the situations in which our sisters throughout the world find themselves as they seek to follow the will of our Heavenly Father in their individual lives.

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Sister Michelle D. Craig, first counselor in the Young Women general presidency, shared her gratitude for Brianna, her daughter-in-law, in a July 8 Facebook post.

“From Brianna I am learning the power of small and simple acts in keeping heart connections strong,” she wrote. For instance, Brianna “sends texts of love and encouragement, cute photos of her children and my son, and video messages that make my heart happy.”

Accompanying the post is a recipe for “The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies.”

Brianna is my daughter, though not by birth. She married my son, Rob, and my mother heart is thankful every day for the…

Posted by Michelle D. Craig on Monday, July 8, 2019

On Sister Reyna I. Aburto’s wedding anniversary, she spent the day attending meetings and fulfilling her calling as second counselor in the Relief Society general presidency. That night, she participated in an instruction meeting for Spanish-speaking missionaries in Utah.

Brother Carlos Aburto, her husband, came to that meeting “so we could remember together the covenant we made with God 26 years ago and celebrate in the best company we could have had: surrounded by angels who are consecrating their (lives) to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ,” she wrote in a July 9 Facebook post.

“For us, serving Him is not a sacrifice, but a privilege.”

EN: I recently celebrated my wedding anniversary in the most amazing way. The actual date fell on a weekday, and I spent…

Posted by Reyna I. Aburto on Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Recently, Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles attended a devotional in Lima, Peru, where a young adult asked how to deepen one’s conversion to the Savior.

While the world grows more confused and dark, Elder Bednar said in a July 9 Instagram post, “we have access to the power of godliness through priesthood ordinances. The power of God helps us to recognize our purpose and potential in mortality and to press forward steadfastly along the covenant path.”

Sister Bonnie H. Cordon, Young Women general president, recently took a photo of a quote that made her smile: “When you look at the world differently, you may just change it for good.”

“I hope to see the world like the Savior did,” she wrote in a July 8 Facebook post. “Perspective is key.”

I loved this so much that I had to snap a picture to share with everyone! It made me smile. And it made me think. I hope to see the world like the Savior did. Perspective is key.

Posted by Bonnie H. Cordon on Monday, July 8, 2019