Elder Jeffrey R. Holland: ‘A Perfect Brightness of Hope’

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Notable quotes:

“We all need to believe that what we desire in righteousness can someday, some way, somehow yet be ours.”
“May we press forward with love in our hearts, walking in the ‘brightness of hope’ that lights the path of holy anticipation we that we’ve been on now for 200 years.”
“We have every reason to hope for blessings even greater than those we have already received, because this is the work of Almighty God, this is the Church of continuing revelation, this is the gospel of Christ’s unlimited grace and benevolence.”

Summary points:

  • The future is going to be as miracle-filled as the past. 
  • God performs His work, even against insurmountable odds. 
  • One of the most indispensable virtues during times of hardship is hope.

Talk summary: 

Looking back at the majesty of God’s hand in restoring the gospel of Jesus Christ, what would one living in the 1800s have hoped for?

Perhaps one would have hoped for the restoration of a truer concept of caring Father in Heaven, Who spoke as openly in the present as He did in the past, Whose every action would be for the “benefit of the world.” Other hopes include scriptural evidence of the Savior’s life and resurrection, priesthood authority, temples and sealing families for time and all eternity. 

“Beginning in the Sacred Grove and continuing to this day, these desires began to be clothed in reality and became, as the apostle Paul and others taught, true anchors to the soul, sure and steadfast. What was once only hoped for has now become history.”

As the world battles an “all hands on deck war” with COVID-19, many still have hopes that have not yet been fulfilled.

“When we have conquered it — and we will — may we be equally committed to freeing the world from the virus of hunger and freeing neighborhoods and nations from the virus of poverty,” and hope for safer schools and the gift of personal dignity for every child.

Many have deeply personal hopes in addition to these global desires, including marriage, overcoming an addiction, help for a wayward child, or for physical or emotional pain to stop. 

“Because the Restoration reaffirmed the foundational truth that God does work in this world, we can hope, we should hope, even when facing the most insurmountable odds. …  We all need to believe that what we desire in righteousness can someday, some way, somehow yet be ours.”

“I testify that the future is going to be as miracle-filled and bountifully blessed as the past has been.”

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  • In a March 26 Facebook post, Elder Holland invited Latter-day Saints to “#HearHim” and remember that everything they do “will mean little or nothing unless we find Jesus at the center of it all.”

Recently, President Russell M. Nelson invited each of us to consider how we hear the voice of the Lord in our lives. He also invited us to make a stronger, more focused effort to better hear that voice.Perhaps you feel overwhelmed. Please remember that everything you and I do will mean little or nothing unless we find Jesus at the center of it all.In 1820 Joseph Smith faced commotion and confusion, crowds and contention. There is still plenty of that in our world. Yet, both then and now, our Heavenly Father beckons to us: “This is My Beloved Son. Hear Him!” (Joseph Smith—History 1:17). No greater expression of Jesus’s divine identity, His primacy in the plan of salvation, and His standing in the eyes of God could ever exceed that short seven-word declaration.Both in ancient times and now, God the Father points us toward His Son—our Savior—and invites us to “Hear Him.”It is my prayer that you and I will focus our thoughts and actions on this invitation. I pray that we will now—and forever—resolve to #HearHim.

Posted by Jeffrey R. Holland on Thursday, March 26, 2020
  • Elder Holland shared in a Feb. 23 Facebook post that, as a young adult, he faced many of the same challenges facing young adults today. Using his personal experience, he reminded others of the powerful strength and testimony that comes with reading the Book of Mormon. 

Young friends, I know it will stun you, shock you, perhaps even offend you that I was your age once and can remember…

Posted by Jeffrey R. Holland on Sunday, February 23, 2020
  • On Dec. 11, 2019, Elder Holland shared the hopeful message to “Keep going. Keep trying. Keep trusting. Keep believing. Keep growing.”
  • After speaking at BYU–Hawaii in October, Elder Holland posted a reminder on his Instagram account that the “future will unfold as God intended it.”