Brother Ahmad S. Corbitt: ‘You Can Gather Israel!’

Of the Young Men general presidency

Notable quotes:

“All hope for returning resurrected and clean to God’s holy presence rested entirely upon one Being keeping His promise.”
“Awaken your giant faith in Christ … by relearning to look forward and see with that same certainty the Lord’s promise to gather and save today.”
“Please use your imaginations to increase faith in Christ, not ruin it.”

Summary points:

  • Youth can gather Israel well because of their eternal identity and the enormous faith within them.
  • Imagining or watching things that conflict with who an individual is as a child of God weakens faith in Jesus Christ. 
  • The faith shown in the premortal life can resurface in mortality as individuals live the gospel, care for others, invite others to receive the gospel, unite families for eternity, and organize fun activities.

Talk summary:

“When Jesus Christ promised He would come into mortality and give His life to gather and save us, you did not simply believe Him. You ‘noble spirits’ had such ‘exceedingly great faith’ that you saw His promise as sure. He could not lie, so you saw Him as if He had already shed His blood for you, long before He was born.”

Great faith is like muscles that get stronger and bigger the more they are exercised.

“Intentionally envisioning or viewing things that conflict with who you really are, especially pornography, will weaken your faith in Christ, and without repentance could destroy it. Please use your imaginations to increase faith in Christ, not ruin it.”

“When youth lead in living the gospel, caring for others, inviting all to receive the gospel, uniting families for eternity, and organizing fun activities,” the same faith exhibited in Christ in the premortal life “will resurface and empower [youth] to do His work in this life!”

“Your true identity and the enormous power of faith in Christ within you will enable you to ‘help prepare the world for the Savior’s return by inviting all to come unto Christ and receive the blessings of His atonement.’”

About the speaker:

  • Brother Ahmad S. Corbitt was sustained as first counselor in the Young Men general presidency on April 4, 2020. 
  • He received an undergraduate degree in sociology from Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and a law degree from Rutgers University School of Law.
  • As a young full-time missionary, he served in the Puerto Rico San Juan Mission. He later served as president of the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Mission.

Recently on social:

  • Brother Corbitt published his first Instagram and Facebook post on March 31. He wrote about growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and learning about the restored gospel in high school.