Elder Jorge T. Becerra: ‘Poor Little Ones’

General Authority Seventy

Notable quotes:

“As we minister, we should be led by revelation to those who are most in need, as opposed to just going down a list or visiting people in a methodical way.”
“We should be led by the power of inspiration.”
“I invite each of us to seek out the pobrecitos, the ‘poor little ones’ among us who are in need.”

Summary points:

  • Seek after those who are need, both temporally and spiritually.
  • Follow Peter’s example by lifting up those in need, in Christ’s name.
  • Heed the counsel of President Russell M. Nelson to follow the Lord’s covenant path.

Talk summary:

The gospel teaches that all are children of God — “your brothers and sisters.” Many are searching for purpose in life and are concerned for their futures and their families.

“Throughout the years while serving in the Church I have tried to seek after those who needed help in their lives both temporally and spiritually.”

A person’s capacities and abilities are often increased when another offers him or her loving assistance and ministering.

The Apostle Paul taught a key element of ministering: the Lord’s followers are the “body of Christ,” and each member of that body is needed to ensure the entire body is edified.

“In each ward and branch we need everyone – those who may be strong and those who are struggling. All are necessary and vital to the edification of the entire body of Christ.

“I often wonder who we are missing in our various congregations that would strengthen us and make us whole.”

Those not participating fully in the Church are needed.

President Russell M. Nelson has invited all to “keep on the covenant path” and follow the Savior. For those who have stepped off the path, please come back. There is a place prepared for all in the Lord’s Church. 

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