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150 years ago

Elder Orson Pratt arrived in Kirtland, Ohio, Feb. 17, 1833, after serving more than a year as a missionary to the eastern states. During his mission, he traveled nearly 4,000 miles on foot; attended 207 meetings, mostly in places where the restored gospel had not been preached; baptized 104 persons and organized several branches of the Church. With the Church not yet three years old, Elder Pratt had served two missions.

Born Sept. 19, 1811, at Hartford, N.Y., Elder Pratt was baptized 19 years later on his birthday by his brother, Parley P. Pratt. After being ordained an elder by Joseph Smith Dec. 1, 1830, he immediately embarked on his first mission. He was ordained a high priest in 1832 and an apostle in 1835. He served in thee Council of the Twelve until his death Oct. 3, 1881 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Pratt brothers were two of the most powerful missionaries in Church history. A self-educated scientist, Orson was known as the "St. Paul of Mormondom," for his missionary efforts. He served as president of the Eropean Mission and Eastern States Mission.

Quotes from the past

"Our message to you Latter-day Saints is that you cannot get to heaven on a 10-watt bulb of knowledge. You must continue to gain knowledge and light and power not only while you live, but throughout eternity, for salvation is an ongoing process."

"However dim may be the light of our faith and knowledge today, there is an inexhaustible supply available. But we must be assiduous in our search for it. A man cannot be saved in ignorance, nor can he be saved suddenly by simply confessing faith in God, no more than a man can get light in his house by confessing faith in electricity."

President Hugh B. Brown, Pinheiros Chapel, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Jan. 13, 1963

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