Remains of LDS settlers discovered, reinterred

The remains of what are thought to be 12 Mormon pioneers of San Bernardino, Calif., which were discovered in 1989, were recently reinterred here, stake Pres. Dan L. Dedrickson explained.

He related that a forgotten Mormon cemetery was discovered in 1989 during the construction of a city baseball diamond. Anthropological and archaeological experts studied the remains of three men, three women, one adolescent, and five children, including one individual thought to be an American Indian, until they were reinterred Jan. 18 at Pioneer Memorial Cemetery here.Pres. Dedrickson dedicated the new graves, following a short service involving other religious and community leaders.

The remains are believed to have been among the Mormon pioneers who were part of the Church's 1851 effort to colonize San Bernardino, which was to provide a route to the coast, and attract Latter-day Saints from the north and immigrants. Apostles Charles C. Rich and Amasa M. Lyman took charge of the effort. The colony was dissolved in 1857.

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