Revelations are often 'impressively personal'

The revelations directed individually to John Whitmer (D&C 15) and Peter Whitmer (D&C 16) are identical in wording. Yet, as the heading to Section 15 points out, "the message is intimately and impressively personal, in that the Lord tells of what was known only to John [or, in the case of Section 16, Peter] Whitmer and himself."

In each case, the Lord revealed the thing that would be the most worth would be to declare repentance and bring souls unto Him.Such is the case with scripture or the inspired teachings of living prophets. Though the words are published in a book or spoken from a pulpit, and are directed to a general audience, they have the power to communicate intimately and personally with any sincere truth seeker.

In 1974, President Spencer W. Kimball answered the frequently asked question, "Should every young man fill a mission?" by saying: "Yes, we would say, every able worthy man should shoulder the cross. Yes, they should be prepared, usually with saved funds for their missions, and always with a happy heart to serve."

Though widely published, President Kimball's words have likely touched many an individual intimately and personally, as have Sections 15 and 16 of the Doctrine and Covenants.

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