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When and where was the last public address given by the Prophet Joseph Smith prior to his martyrdom on June 27, 1844?

(Answer on page 10)(ANSWER)

(From page 2)

After Nauvoo, Ill., was placed under martial law on June 18, 1844, due to threatened attacks by mobocrats, the Nauvoo Legion was drawn up in front of the Mansion House to be addressed by the Prophet. He stood upon the frame of a building opposite the house, dressed in his full uniform as legion lieutenant general.

Joseph recounted the injustices members of the Church had endured and offered his love and blessing upon the people, alluding to the upcoming sacrifice of his own life.

The vast assemblage "listened to his words with breathless attention, for he spoke with a power transcending anything that the Saints had ever before heard. . . .

"It was the last time for many of them in the flesh that they were to listen to the music of his voice or to feel the spell of his mighty inspiration. It was his last public address!"

Source: Life of the Prophet Joseph Smith, by George Q. Cannon, pp. 496-498.

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