Mt. Timpanogos Utah Temple

The groundbreaking of the Mt. Timpanogos temple is another significant step in "the greatest era in the history of the world in the building of temples," said President Gordon B. Hinckley.

"There has never been another season like this season in the construction of Houses of the Lord," said President Hinckley, first counselor in the First Presidency, as he presided at the groundbreaking ceremony here for the Church's 49th temple on Oct. 9."Of the 45 operating temples we now have, more than half have been constructed and dedicated in the past 12 years," he said. "We are moving across the world to extend the blessings and privileges of temple service to the faithful Saints of this Church, wherever they may be found, and this [groundbreakingT is a part of that great process, my brothers and sisters."

The new temple will be located at 900 East and 700 North in American Fork, a picturesque setting on a bench area that provides a spectacular view of the 11,750-foot mountain after which the temple is named.

The nearby mountain tops were dusted with snow, and dark clouds hovered overhead on the chilly autumn day. Despite temperatures that lingered in the low 50s, an estimated 12,000 people gathered for the groundbreaking ceremony. Their excitement for the spiritual possibilities of the day was evident as they arrived early. An hour before the meeting began, thousands were already in their seats.

At the ceremony, President Hinckley gave remarks and offered a prayer. Other speakers were President Monson, second counselor in the First Presidency, and Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin of the Council of the Twelve. Also in attendance were Elders David B. Haight and Neal A. Maxwell of the Council of the Twelve, Presiding Bishop Robert D. Hales, and several members of the Seventy. Elder Malcolm S. Jeppsen of the Seventy and president of the Utah South Area gave the invocation, and the benediction was offered by Elder W. Eugene Hansen of the Presidency of the Seventy and executive director of the Temple Department. A 440-voice choir performed under the direction of E. Marie R. Nelson.

Regional representatives and presidencies of the 37 stakes in the temple district, from the Utah, Wasatch, Duchesne and Uintah counties, were seated in the front, along with the choir.

President Hinckley and President Monson took the lead in breaking the ground for the new temple, using gold-painted shovels. Afterward, they were joined by the other General Authorities. Then the members of

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