Radio programs address 'contemporary issues'

Seven new radio public affairs programs, produced by the Church's Public Affairs Department, address the topics of parenting, death, addiction, aging, fatherhood, personal preparedness and adoption. The half-hour programs are part of the "Time and Seasons" radio series.

"Parenting" explains that the marriage relationships between a husband and wife is the source of good parenting. "Dealing with Death" deals with bereavement, grief and coping with the loss of a loved one. "Addiction" discusses various addictions and compulsions and the road to recovery. "The Nurturing Father" reviews what takes place as men become more actively involved in raising their children. "Aging and the Elderly" examines the challenges facing the elderly in society. "Personal Preparedness" examines the need for personal preparation through education and planning and promotes the idea of self-reliance and living providently. "Adoption" addresses the fact that one out of every six married couples is unable to bear children, examines adoption as an alternative means of having a family, and presents adoption as a positive option for unwed mothers."Times and Seasons," an award-winning series of 30-minute public affairs programs dealing with important moral and social issues, has been broadcast since 1988, said L. Gerald Pond, a manager in the media relations division of the Public Affairs Department, and producer of the series.

"These radio programs address contemporary issues as a public service," he said.

The series is produced in a documentary style and deals with local, national and international issues through discussion and expert opinion. "The purpose of these programs is to uplift and educate in an effort to help people make informed and wise decisions," Brother Pond added.

"Times and Seasons" includes additional programs produced by the Church that are aired on hundreds of radio stations.

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