Christ's love is 'high step indeed'

"For Relief Society, the charity of our motto is not an abstraction," said Aileen H. Clyde, second counselor in the Relief Society general presidency.

"It is a love beyond the emotion we might feel for or from others. It isn't a What's in it for me' kind of love. Being friendly, generous and respectful of others moves us along the way from self concern, but the selflessness of the kind of love that Christ commanded us to learn is a high step indeed."Speaking at the General Relief Society Meeting Sept. 25, Sister Clyde related that when she and Chieko N. Okazaki were called as counselors to Relief Society Gen. Pres. Elaine L. Jack in 1990, "we humbly sought to be instruments to augment and multiply manybetter days' for our sisters throughout the world."

Sister Clyde continued: "We knew that women struggling to clarify their identities could best do that, not by comparing themselves to other women, but by understanding their important place as full and equal partners with men in receiving, in righteousness, the saving ordinances established by Christ."

Sister Clyde spoke of the inauguration of Relief Society in many places of the world where Church membership is new. "Whether you belong to a long-established ward or a struggling branch, what you bring to the work as a participating member will greatly affect what happens to you and to others around you. Teaching and saving souls, seeing that `none is neglected' is a great cause. This work calls on us all and calls for our honest best."

Sister Clyde referred to a video following her address that offers "much evidence of the goodness of you women and of the principles that motivate your service and fidelity."

The video, "Offering of Service," recounted many of the service projects conducted by sisters throughout the world during the 1992 sesquicentennial anniversary of Relief Society. During the yearlong celebration, members were encouraged to become involved in community service. On the video, sisters from the United States, Japan, Nigeria, Russia, the Philippines and Ghana related their efforts - and the resulting blessings.

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