Trek west structured by divine revelation

As he was organizing the Saints for their westward trek after the expulsion from Nauvoo, President Brigham Young received a revelation at Winter Quarters concerning the organizational structure of the exodus, and also placing the Saints under covenant to keep the commandments.

In Sacred Truths of the Doctrine and Covenants, Leaun G. Otten and C. Max Caldwell wrote: One of the identifying characteristics of the Lord's people is that they are covenant-making people. Modern Israel in the wilderness was no exception. . . .Some of the specific requirements of their covenant were as follows:

``1. Be humble - seek the counsel of the Lord. (See D&C 136:20.)

``2. Keep pledges or promises to fellowmen. (See D&C 136:20.)

``3. Do not covet goods or property of others. (See D&C 136:20.)

``4. Keep the Lord's name sacred. (See D&C 136:21.)

``5. Love fellowmen - control feelings. (See D&C 136:23.)

``6. Keep the Word of Wisdom. (See D&C 136:24.)

``7. Use edifying language. (See D&C 136:24.)

``8. Be honest with neighbors. (See D&C 136:25-26.)

``9. Be a wise steward over personal possessions. (See D&C 136:27.)

``10. Praise the Lord in all activities. (see D&C 136:28.)

``11. Seek comfort from the Lord when in sorrow. (See D&C 136:29.)

``12. Fear not enemies - have faith in the Lord. (See D&C 136:17,30.)

``13. Learn wisdom by seeking the Lord's spirit. (See D&C 136:32-33.)


Articles on this page may be used in conjunction with the Gospel Doctrine course of study.

Information compiled by Julie A. Dockstader, Greg Hill and John L. Hart.

Sources: The Holy Temple by Elder Boyd K. Packer; Temples of the Most High by N. B. Lundwall; Sacred Truths of the Doctrine and Covenants by Leaun G. Otten and C. Max Caldwell; and the April 1991 general conference report.

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