Telecast explains divine purpose of family

In the warmth of a family home evening, Elder Neal A. Maxwell of the Council of the Twelve, with his wife, Colleen, and their children and grandchildren, introduced the missionary satellite fireside Oct. 24.

The apostle's family discussed how they knew that God loved them, and expressed love for each other as part of the presentation. Afterwards, Elder Maxwell discussed the divine origins and purposes of the family, and the nature of Heavenly Father. In conclusion, the video, "The True and Living God," was shown with Elder Maxwell as narrator.According to Church leaders, the satellite presentation was well attended by members and their non-member friends in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean where it was telecast. Local units are encouraged to use their tape of the broadcast in future open houses, and in missionary and reactivation efforts. The tape will not be available through Church distribution centers.

The video's cameras caught the most meaningful moments of people's lives as they pondered deep questions of the universe. Across this milieu of images, Elder Maxwell narrated questions, and the sacred answers revealed through prophets.

"God placed us in earthly families to nurture and care for one another as parents and brothers and sisters," he said. "Additionally, as members of the heavenly family of God, all humans have a special relationship to each other.

"We cannot truly love and serve God without also loving and serving those about us. Families and neighbors are the sample of humanity God has given us to know, love and to serve."

The gospel, with its divine principles, helps us to develop loving, kind families, he said.

"Belonging to a happy family is one of the greatest blessings we can experience in life," he said. "In a world that tends to put people down, the family can lift us up. It is there that we can learn to forgive, egos can be tamed and meekness can be developed. We can experience love, we can learn to listen. Our memories of family life which will stay with us long after we leave the homes of our childhood, can be a spiritual spur. Will our children, for instance, remember the voices of their mother and father praying aloud, or reading the holy scriptures? Such experiences can lead us to great appreciation and admiration of Heavenly Father.

"God is knowable and approachable. Of all His titles, He asks us to address Him as Father. Why? Because God is literally our Father, and we are His spirit children."

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