Revelation gives testimony of 'great and mighty ones'

In D&C 138:38-49, President Joseph F. Smith described seeing in vision several "great and mighty" individuals from the past who were assembled in a "vast congregation of the righteous." These included Adam, Eve, Abel, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Elias, Malachi and Elijah.

Pertaining to this portion of Section 138, Leaun G. Otten and C. Max Caldwell in their book Sacred Truths of the Doctrine and Covenants provided this analysis:"There are several testimonies that come from this portion of the vision that serve as witnesses to us:

"a. Those people are not just named characters in a book. They are living sons and daughters of God who lived on this earth in ages past.

"b. The Lord has had living prophets on this earth in previous dispensations who bore testimony that salvation comes through the Redeemer, even Jesus Christ.

"c. The flood is not just a figment of someone's imagination. It is not a myth. It is an historical event and a matter of fact.

"d. The testimony of these prophets has been preserved and is contained within the scriptural record available to mankind today. The scriptures are of a divine source and stand as a witness of the Savior's work in all ages.

"e. The ancient prophets foretold of the restoration of the kingdom of God in the last days with all of its teachings and ordinances. The kingdom is here - it is a literal fulfillment and restoration of ancient prophecy, keys and powers."

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