To endure to end requires faith in Christ

Have faith

Pray for help- Do your part

Repentance, baptism and all other principles and ordinances of the gospel are not entirely separate, but are extensions of faith in Christ, said Elder John H. Groberg of the Seventy on Saturday afternoon.

"It takes deep and abiding faith in Christ to endure faithfully to the end of our mortal lives," Elder Groberg explained.

He related that years ago as a young missionary he was assigned to a group of 17 small islands in the South Pacific. "At the time," he recalled, "the only means of travel between islands was by sailboat. Because of misunderstandings and traditions it was difficult to find people willing to listen to us.

"However, one day a member told us that if we would be at a certain harbor on a particular island when the sun set the next day, a family would meet us there and listen to the discussions."

Elder Groberg said that the next morning, he and four members, who were experienced sailors, started out in a sailboat. "We made good progress for a few hours, but as the sun climbed higher and the boat got farther from land, the wind began to play out and soon quit altogether, leaving us bobbing aimlessly on a smooth ocean."

He related how many faithful prayers were offered for wind, but still, "the ocean was like a giant mirror. It was almost as though Satan was laughing, saying, `See, you can't go anywhere. There is no wind. You are in my power.' "

Elder Groberg said one of the older men moved to the rear of the boat. "I watched as he unlashed the tiny lifeboat, placed two oars with pins in their places and carefully lowered it over the side. Get in,' he said softly. I was dumbfounded. It was miles to shore. The sun was hot and this man was old. But as I looked into the face of that faithful brother, I sensed an intensity in his gaze, an iron will in his very being and a fixed determination in his voice as he said,Before the sun sets this day, you will be teaching the gospel and bearing testimony to a family who wants to listen.' "

Elder Groberg and the old man got into the small boat. "The old man bent his back and began to row. [HeT did not look up, rest, or talk, but hour after hour he rowed and rowed and rowed.

"Just as the sun dipped into the ocean, the skiff touched the shore of the harbor. A family was waiting. The old man spoke for the first time in hours and said, `Go. Teach them the truth. I'll wait here.'

"How often do we not do more because we pray for wind and none comes? We pray for good things and they don't seem to happen, so we sit and wait and do no more. We should always pray for help, but we should always listen for inspiration and impressions to proceed in ways different from those we may have thought of."

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