Unchanging constants in changing world

Assured by heavenly personages, plans, principles

Provide peace, joy

While the world is constantly changing, there are many unchanging constants of which prophets and apostles have spoken through the years, said Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Council of the Twelve in his Saturday afternoon address.

Elder Nelson listed three categories of constancy: Heavenly personages, plans, and principles.

Unchanging personages: He spoke of God the Father, His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, and cited scriptures that testify of their unchanging and everlasting attributes. "Their love [for youT is as constant as is the greatest love of earthly parents.

"But there is another personage about whom you should be reminded. Satan also exists and seeks `that all men might be miserable like unto himself.' " (2 Ne. 2:27.)

Unchanging plans: Elder Nelson spoke of the council in which Heavenly Father announced His plan, called also the plan of salvation, redemption, restoration, mercy, deliverance. Elder Nelson discussed three pillars of the plan: the Creation, the Fall, and the Atonement.

He added: "We need to remember that the adversary sponsors a cunning plan of his own. It invariably attacks God's first commandment for husband and wife to beget children. It tempts with tactics that include infidelity, unchastity, and other abuses of procreative power. Satan's band would trumpet choice, but mute accountability."

Unchanging principles: "Try as we might, no parliament or congress could ever repeal the law of earth's gravity or amend the Ten Commandments," Elder Nelson said. "Those laws are constant. All laws of nature and of God are part of the everlasting gospel."

Elder Nelson discussed some unchanging principles:

Priesthood: The priesthood, he said, has "existed with God from eternity, and will to eternity," and scriptures certify it has continued and will continue "through the lineage of [theT fathers." (D&C 86:8.)

Moral law: "Transgression of moral law brings retribution; obedience . . . brings blessings `immutable and unchangeable.' " (D&C 104:2.)

Judgment: He said all will be judged according to their individual works and the desires of their hearts.

Divine commandments: Tithing, he said, is one example of an everlasting principle.

Truth: "Scripture reminds us that `the truth abideth forever and ever.' " (D&C 1:39.)

Family: "A family can be together forever. Though each of us will pass through the doors of death, the timing of that departure is less important than is the preparation for eternal life. Part of that preparation includes service in the Church."

Elder Nelson concluded: "Constancy amid change is assured by heavenly personages, plans and principles. Our trust can be safely anchored to them. They provide peace, eternal progression, hope, freedom, love, and joy to all who will be guided by them. They are true - now and forever."

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