BYU trims spring/summer tuition to encourage students' progress

Tuition rates for spring and summer terms during the 1994-95 school year will be going down by 27 percent at Brigham Young University.

Spring and summer rates in 1995 will be $400 per term for undergraduates, $685 for graduate students and $1,100 for law and graduate management students. The charge for undergraduates is $150 per term lower than the 1993-94 rates. Graduate students will pay $40 less, while law school and graduate management students will pay $50 less.The cuts are in line with the expressed desire of BYU Pres. Rex E. Lee to allow many more students to attend BYU without raising the 27,000-student enrollment ceiling.

By encouraging spring and summer enrollment, the university can issue degrees sooner and free more positions for incoming freshmen, Pres. Lee said.

Rates for the 1994-95 fall and winter semesters will be $1,170 per semester for undergraduates, $1,370 for advanced-standing (graduate) students and $2,200 for Law School and Graduate School of Management students.

The new fall/winter rates, as approved recently by the BYU Board of Trustees, reflect a 6.4-percent increase for undergraduates, 6.2 percent for graduate students and 4.8 percent for law and graduate management students.

As in the past, tuition for students who are not members of the LDS Church will be 50 percent higher than for members.

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