BYU offers students chance to study in Nauvoo

Nauvoo, Ill., has been added to the offerings of the BYU Department of Travel Study. A pilot program in Nauvoo, co-sponsored by the Department of Travel Study and Nauvoo Restoration Inc., will begin Jan. 26, 1994, and will continue through mid-April.

"A significant number of students have already registered for the 1994 program, but there are still a few openings, particularly for young men," said George Talbot, director of Travel Study.Although it is a pilot program, it will likely be offered again during winter semester 1995. Those who would like more information are invited to call BYU Travel Study at 378-3946 or toll-free at 1-800-525-2049.

The students will take classes in English, humanities, history, art, Church history and the Doctrine and Covenants, all of which will apply toward their general education requirements for graduation.

"This beautiful, historic city on the banks of the Mississippi is an excellent place to study these subjects," Brother Talbot said. "Students will also visit other places which are significant in LDS Church history and in American history and literature."

Among the Church history sites are Independence, Mo.; Kirtland and Hiram, Ohio; and Palmyra and Fayette, N.Y.

Students will live in homes owned by the Church, some of which have been restored and date from 1840-46 when Nauvoo was the gathering place for Latter-day Saints, according to Milton V. Backman Jr., who is directing the study program.

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