Spanish-speaking members appreciate scripture helps

It's obvious that Bishop Jaime Eduardo Rey of the Magdala Ward, Bogota Colombia Stake, values the new Spanish edition of the Book of Mormon.

He has five personal copies. He uses one at his office, one in his car, one at home and another at his Church meetinghouse office. A busy insurance broker, he also takes another with him when he travels - which is quite often."The new Spanish Book of Mormon has better study aids," he told the Church News. "The ward bought about 100 copies. I gave one to each member. The size of the type is better [than the previous editionT, and the footnotes are better."

Bishop Rey is just one of thousands of Spanish-speaking members of the Church throughout the world who have benefited from the new Spanish edition of the Book of Mormon since it was first published in December 1992. He is also one of thousands looking forward to the publication of the updated Spanish edition of the triple combination with its improved index and other study aids. (Please see article on this page for a description of the new triple combination of the scriptures.)

"We have been waiting for the triple combination of the scriptures," he said. "It will be great because you get all three books, and the references will be better."

And, most important, Spanish-speaking Latter-day Saints can more effectively study the gospel in their own language, said Bishop Rey. He and his wife, Maria Claudia, said they and their children, Diana, 20; Maria, 16; and Catarina, 15; have used the new edition of the Book of Mormon in their gospel study.

"With the new Book of Mormon, we are able to read and apply our insights - it is easier to study the Book of Mormon," Sister Rey explained. "We can look up references and investigate more thoroughly the things about the book."

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