Service helps children learn from wisdom of the elderly

About three years ago, just before Christmas, our ward Primary decided to go caroling to the older people who were unable to come to Church.

At the time, I was ward Primary president. I remember this elderly man. He was a non-member staying with a grandchild, who was a member. The man had been in an accident, so he couldn't move. We went around his bed and we sang a Christmas song. Although he couldn't talk, he was smiling, and the tears were running from his face. I could tell that he enjoyed us coming and singing for him.We all cried too. Even some of the children cried when they saw this elderly man. The children learned a lot from that experience - I mean having love for all people. Some elderly people are in bed, and sometimes only the family visits.

One elderly lady was in a wheelchair. We went to her house and sang for her. She was so happy; she was crying, and she asked us to come again.

The next thing we did that day was go to a retirement center. The children sang, and the elderly patients loved it. They cried. They asked the children to come again to sing for them. It was beautiful. I cried, and some of the children cried, too.

After we sang, we found out that many of the elderly people were crying because they wanted to go home. The children felt bad for them. After that, some of the patients wanted to go for a walk in the building or for a ride in a wheelchair. Some of the children carefully pushed the patients around the building in wheelchairs. The elderly people seemed to cheer up. They thanked the children for helping them.

As the children left the retirement center, they felt love for those whom they had been serving. They were glad to help these elderly people. Some of the children said they were reminded of their own grandparents. They also learned to respect the elderly and learn from their wisdom and knowledge.

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