First Presidency invites members to participate in tithing settlement

The First Presidency has sent a letter to members of the Church to be read in sacrament meetings and shared with members in other appropriate settings. The letter is as follows:

"As we approach the close of another year, we are grateful for progress made in the Lord's work. We feel to express gratitude for the good being done by Church members throughout the world. We note with sadness, however, the continued suffering of so many. We urge members of the Church to greater faithfulness in keeping their sacred covenants, honoring the Sabbath day, fasting with a prayerful heart, and paying a full tithe and a generous fast offering. Faithful observance of these principles will do much to promote peace and bring relief to the distressed, both spiritually and temporally. (See D&C 119; Isaiah 58:6-11.)

"Church members will soon have the privilege of meeting with their bishops for tithing settlement and a review of their fast-offering donations. We invite you to avail yourselves of this opportunity, to be faithful in the payment of tithes and generous in your fast offerings. These sacred contributions are used to build up God's kingdom on earth and to assist those who are poor and needy, sick and afflicted. Blessings come to all as we bring our offerings into the Lord's storehouse. (See Malachi 3:10-12.)"

The First Presidency

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