Former U.S. Sen. Robert F. Bennett dies at 95

Wallace F. Bennett, 95, former U.S. senator from Utah, died at his home in Salt Lake City Dec. 19.

He had served on the Sunday School general board for 30 years, from 1936-1966.He married Frances Grant, youngest daughter of President Heber J. Grant. Brother Bennett was elected to the Senate in 1950 and served for 24 years. His son, Robert Bennett, now occupies the Senate seat he held.

The First Presidency released the following statement about Brother Bennett:

"[He] served with distinction in every facet of his long and illustrious life. He was a successful businessman, senator and family man. He also served his church in many ways, including years as a member of the Sunday School General Board.

"He was energetic in all of his pursuits and maintained a vigorous lifestyle, even in his advanced years, taking great satisfaction in walking daily from his home to his downtown office. He was an example to all how one can grow old gracefully by maintaining mental and physical vitality.

"He was a man of principle and never shirked responsibility. Nor was he concerned that his vote in the Senate would be received with popular acclaim. Rather, he would study the issues and cast his vote for that which he felt to be right.

"The senator will be sorely missed by his dear wife, Frances, and their posterity."

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