Leadership taught in Old Testament

What lessons on leadership [doesT the Old Testament contain that could be applicable in a modern age? . . . [FollowingT is a brief summary of five topics:

The role of the law of sacrifice in our service. Although the specific sacrifices prescribed in the Mosiac Law were discontinued by the Lord Jesus Christ, we are still commanded to live the law of sacrifice by offering broken hearts and contrite spirits. . . . We must offer the best service we can render, using all the capacity and talents we have been blessed with. . . .2. Prayer. The Old Testament . . . contains examples of individuals who . . . were helped in their performance of important assignments or received great blessings as results of their prayers.

Patience. There is nothing inherently wrong with a demand for change. The real problem starts when we want the kingdom of God on earth to change as fast and as radically as the world does; and in the Old Testament we find a powerful lesson about this issue. [While Moses was gone 40 days upon the mount to receive instructions from the Lord, the Israelites grew restless and turned to idolatry.T . . . As the prophets and apostles commune with the Lord to receive instructions, we many times also have the people asking us why we do not go faster. . . .

The importance of good counseling. Moses . . . judged the people all day long, apparently wearing himself out in the process. One day, his father-in-law, Jethro, . . .counseled him to delegate some of his tasks, and take care only of the more serious cases. (Ex. 18:13-24.)

Our mission in these latter days. So far we have considered how the Old Testament is still useful for us in the 20th century. But that is not all; we can also [be assuredT the Old Testament will be equally useful throughout the 21st century as well. . . .

The Bible and the Book of Mormon combined contain the fulness of the gospel. The more we learn about their principles and the more we live according to them, the closer we will get to receiving the fulness of our Heavenly Father's blessings. . . . By paying attention to the teachings of the Old Testament, we may fill one of the requirements to receive greater knowledge. Once received and practiced, this greater knowledge will help us to become even more effective in our service in the kingdom of God.

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