Covenants: Taught by Spirit when in temple

There are few opportunities that give me a chance to feel the Spirit as strongly as when I am in the temple performing baptismal ordinances for the dead. The feelings I have when I am there are sometimes deeper than thought, but I have a strong impression that I am truly being taught by the Spirit when I am in the special atmosphere of the temple. I recognize the influence of the Holy Ghost as He testifies the truth of what I am doing.

As I watch the baptismal ordinances and participate in them, I have an overwhelming desire to continue to be obedient to the commandments of my Savior. I yearn to draw closer to Him. I feel a confidence in the gospel plan and a renewed commitment to live a righteous life.Each trip I take to the temple becomes a marker along my path of spiritual development.

When I am baptized for a person who has lived without the gospel, I feel closer to my Savior. I see the eternal purposes in Heavenly Father's plan for all the people of the earth. I gain a deeper appreciation of the Savior's work as taught in the Pearl of Great Price, "to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." I sense that He truly knows each one of us and wants all of us to have eternal joy with Him. I always hope that the people I am baptized for will accept the temple ordinances.

I feel a special happiness when I am baptized for my own ancestors. My parents help me gather family names, and I help check and process them. I use TempleReady in our stake family history center to get my family names ready for each trip to the temple. This way I am learning another part of the process of the redemption of the dead.

The temple will always be my special place to commune with Heavenly Father. I will go to strengthen my faith and increase my understanding of spiritual things. Each time I return I will partake of the blessings of the work that I am doing.

I know that my temple experiences will grow to be more meaningful as my understanding of the gospel increases. Through my efforts to return to the temple, I know that the blessings from the Lord will increase and so will my testimony. I leave this witness of my faith and testimony that the temple work we do for others is inspired and of God.

Margaret Enns, 16, is a Laurel in the Sierra Ward, Fresno California West Stake.

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