Branch president is '90-year-old miracle'

With such a strong desire to serve in the Church, it's no wonder Huang, Hsi Hua serves as a branch president at age 90. After all, he only joined the Church 20 years ago.

Despite his age, Pres. Huang, president of the Pei Tou Branch, Taipei Taiwan East Stake, says he feels young in his heart. Some members call him a 90-year-old miracle.He is known for his love toward branch members and for sharing their difficulties. He follows gospel principles fully, but is gentle, full of love and makes everyone feel accepted and trusted, members point out.

Pres. Huang said he finds joy in visiting members and feels that one of the most important things he can do as branch president is to reactivate members. Many people have been brought back to activity in the Church through his love and concern. The results have been increased attendance at branch meetings, which created a need for the branch's meetinghouse to be expanded.

It seems he never tires of his Church callings and works to progress personally. He is always the earliest to arrive at Church on Sunday, and the last to leave.

Pres. Huang regularly attends the temple and performs baptismal ordinances for the dead. He remarked that all he has accomplished is a result of blessings from the Lord.

He feels that everything of importance has been taught in the scriptures and that it is up to each person to keep the commandments and follow the teachings in the scriptures. Then come the blessings.

During his years in the Church, he has served whenever and wherever needed. He has served as a high councilor, bishop's counselor and branch president's counselor.

He said he has had no difficulties serving in the Church. Serving in the Church brings happiness and peace to his family, he remarked, and he hopes to continue serving for the rest of his life, no matter how long that may be.

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