'Bishop Moses' could apply to father or son

Members of the Dartmouth or Cole Harbour wards in the Dartmouth Nova Scotia Stake don't just hear double - they see double - when someone calls out for Bishop Moses and two men answer.

Wilbur Q. Moses has been bishop of the Dartmouth Ward for 41/2 years. His son, Richard P., was called last June as bishop of the Cole Harbour Ward.The two men are bishops of wards that share a meetinghouse, and both bishops' offices are near each other. Although father and son are not always in the building at the same time because of meeting schedules, they do run into each other at times when meetings overlap.

"Sometimes people will call for Bishop Moses and I'll turn around in the hall," said Bishop Richard Moses, 38. "They'll say, `No, not that Bishop Moses. The older bishop, or the better looking one.' It does get a little complicated, but we do look different. I'm taller."

The elder Bishop Moses said he is happy his son is serving as a bishop. "It was not a surprise to me when he was called as bishop. Richard has great potential. He's a leader in every respect."

Bishop Wilbur Moses, 66, a longtime member of the Church in the area, continued: "I've enjoyed being bishop immensely. It has given me an opportunity to give back what I've been blessed with all my life."

Before being called as bishop, Bishop Richard Moses served as first counselor in the stake presidency and as a district president before the stake was formed.

Serving in the Church has "been one of the greatest blessings in my life," he remarked. "Not only have I had the opportunity to serve others, but it has been a great blessing to our family to help us strive to be more diligent. It has been a strengthening factor, a welding element in the home, not a burden.

"I never expected to serve as a bishop with my dad, but it has been a real blessing. It's blessed our relationship so much, too. And it has been wonderful to have him there as a tremendous resource and great help."

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