New stake presidencies

Elder Lynn A. Mickelsen of the Seventy has created the Santiago Chile Maipu Stake, which includes the Cumora, Esquina Blanca, Los Almendros, Los Cerrillos, Maipu and Mirador wards, and the Las Villas branch.

The Santiago Chile O'Higgins Stake, which includes the Condell, Ducaud, El Pino, La Portada and Los Olmos wards, has been created by Elder Horacio A. Tenorio of the Seventy.Elsewhere, stakes were reorganized in Germany, Japan, Peru, and in Florida and Utah.



SANTIAGO CHILE MAIPU STAKE: (Dec. 6, 1992) President - Julio Cesar Valdivia Marin, 32, accountant, former stake president's counselor, high councilor, and bishop, married Virginia Isabel Iturrieta Gonzalez. Counselors - Horacio Hernandez Malhue, 44, employee of import automobile company, former stake president, high councilor, stake clerk, and bishop, married Jovita Pizarro Bravo; Rene Simicich, 31, technician, former high councilor, branch president, and elders quorum president, married Nancy Elena Erdzo Rosa.

SANTIAGO CHILE O'HIGGINS STAKE: (Dec 20, 1992) President - Victor Alejandro Cifuentes Droguett, 32, Church Educational System coordinator, former stake president's counselor, high councilor, and bishop, married Virginia Mabel Zanni. Counselors - Carlos Alfonso Faunder Maureira, 39, business administrator, former high councilor, bishop, and executive secretary, married Teresa de Jesus Riguelme Loren; Alejandro Segundo Cabezas Gonzalez, 33, sales agent, former stake president's counselor, district president's counselor, branch president, ward mission leader, and elders quorum president, married Marisol del Carman Catalan Diaz.



KAISERSLAUTERN GERMANY SERVICEMEN STAKE: (Nov. 22, 1992) President - Lawrence Wright, retained. Counselors - David W. Madsen, 49, Air Force deputy staff judge advocate, former stake president and counselor, bishop's counselor, and Young Men president's counselor, married Kathryn Pond; Rendal D. Esplin, 44, army military intelligence officer, former stake president's counselor, high councilor, stake Young Men president, bishop and counselor, and branch president, married Jolene Witbeck.

ST. GEORGE UTAH EAST STAKE: (Jan. 10, 1993) President - Randy W. Wilkinson, 48, owner/president of electric company, succeeding Jerry B. Lewis; former stake president's counselor, stake executive secretary, bishop, branch president's counselor, and Young Men president, married Linda

Kae Neilson. Counselors - B. Don Taylor II, 50, rancher, former stake president's counselor, high councilor, and high priests group leader, married Lynette Chapman; Dale H. Larkin, 51, owner and office manager, former high councilor, stake executive secretary, bishop's counselor, and elders quorum president, married Dixie Kay Barnum.

TACNA PERU STAKE: (Dec. 6, 1992) President - Rolando Leonel Melcor Alvarez, 35, chief of business and commerce, succeeding Francisco Napoleon Davila Cepeda; former high councilor, bishop's counselor, Church Educational System instructor, and institute teacher, married Isabel Aranibar Guitierrez. Counselors - Ascenio Mamani Sosa, 49, cashier, former stake president's counselor, high councilor, bishop, and branch president, married Margarita Pare De Sosa; Victor Antonio Alfaro Lopez, 32, system's analyst, former bishop's counselor and branch president, married Lanhipa Izella Rios.

TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA STAKE: (Nov. 10, 1992) President - William P. Nicholson, 58, retained. Counselors - Loran C. Nicholson, 56, retained; Randy J. Harris, 46, chief financial officer of Florida State University, former high councilor, stake Young Men president, stake Sunday School president and counselor, bishop, and elders quorum counselor, married Donna Clara Dodge.

TOKYO JAPAN SOUTH STAKE: (Nov. 22, 1992) President - Mamoru Ogata, 54, vice president of Goldman Sachs Japan, succeeding Gordon A. Hebeker; former stake president's counselor, high councilor, high priests group leader, bishop's counselor, and executive secretary, married Irja Maj-Lis Malilia. Counselors - Ronald Burton Talmage, 39, representative-Japan of trust group, former mission president's counselor, high councilor, bishop's counselor, and Sunday School teacher, married Kumiko Wako; Ikeda Shoji, 32, representative director of architectural firm, former high councilor, stake mission president, and executive secretary, married Ikeda Moti.

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