Members input census records at 'type-a-thon'

Motivated by the urgency of family history work, the Swansea 1st and 2nd wards of the Merthyr Tydfil Wales Stake held a "Type-a-thon" at the meetinghouse.

Staggered shifts of ward members with varying keyboard skills input more than 8,000 entries of the 1881 Census during the typing project.The 1881 Census is a major project involving members of the Church and members of various local family history societies in Great Britain. The project involves transcribing and indexing the records of the census, which contains some 30 million names.

Names taken from the records for each county in England, Wales, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are indexed by surname and birthplace. (See Church News, Nov. 26, 1991.)

"At the end of the Type-a-thon, some very tired but happy members were delighted to be told that their efforts had helped add 24,000 names during the month of February," said spokesman Hayden Morgan.

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