Dedication garnered widespread notice

Newspapers and magazines in Salt Lake City and from coast to coast heralded the dedication and magnificence of the Salt Lake Temple.

Here are several excerpts published around the day of dedication, April 6, 1883.- HOUSE OF MORMON. Nothing Like It in the World. DEDICATION OF THE TEMPLE. Thousands of Saints Flock to the Sanctuary Under the Golden Wings of the Angel Maroni.(sic) "The temple is one of the most notable specimens of architecture in the world, the style being without parallel. The design is . . . in many respects similar to that of the first temple in Nauvoo, which was destroyed by fire long after the saints were driven out of Illinois. . . .

"It is surmounted by a figure representing the angel Maroni'(sic), a statue twelve feet in height, of hammered copper, plated with heavy gold leaf. It stands 222 feet above the earth, and is a graceful and pretty object, holding to its lips a golden trumpet, through which is being sounded the glad tidings ofthe Latter Day Saints' to the people of the earth." The (San Francisco) Morning Call

MORMON'S GALA DAY. "It is universally conceded that for general effect, both interior and exterior, there is no finer church edifice in the whole of America." Chicago Tribune

DEDICATED TO THE LORD. The Stately and Magnificent Temple Reared by the Mormon People. ONE OF THE WORLD'S WONDERS. Consecration of the Great Edifice With Simple and Appropriate Ceremonies. "Who can conceive a more magnificent and enduring monument to the religious faith, devotion and industry of a people than the splendid architectural pile that was yesterday dedicated to the holy purposes for which it was designed?

"With full reason have the Latter-Day Saints looked forward to that occasion in a spirit of reverence and pride. The labor of forty years is ended. They have accomplished one of the most marvelous undertakings of modern times. The record of its building is the record of their own lives. The great work has shared in their adversities and prospered in their prosperity. Through all of the hardships that they have endured their zeal has never flagged, and full fruition of their fondest hopes is now the richly merited reward of their endeavor." The (Salt Lake) Herald

"The Mormon Temple is a significant monument in enduring stone to the power and resistless growth of the Mormon Church." New York Times

"Mormons from all parts of the civilized world have come to witness the [dedicationT event; many who have endured positive suffering in order to contribute their mite toward the building of this offering to their Maker, and others who have kept themselves alive for many years past by mere force of will in order that they might be present." The Independent

THE NEW MORMON TEMPLE. "As an architectural design this Temple is one of the most colorful in the world. It is not duplicated by anything, ancient or modern. . . . The structure is a most imposing one. It commands a full view of the city proper, and is readily perceived from any point in the town. Being constructed of a variety of granite almost white, it looks in the distance as if built of pure marble. The casual observer, who glances at the structure while in close proximity, is apt to underestimate the proportions, and go away with a feeling that he has not seen anything remarkable, but a close inspection works wonders. . . .

"The building is best appreciated at a distance [someT miles from the city. Though not any higher than some of the leading business houses, except in situation, it is a notable fact that when all the other buildings seem but a confused mass before the eye, the Temple stands out prominent in every feature." Harper's Weekly

Though the dedication was a glorious event, the local papers also warned visitors to the city for the occasion that a band of thieves from outside the area was in town to prey upon unsuspecting individuals and unguarded homes:

"The HERALD renews its caution to conference and dedication visitors and also people in this city who attend those services, to beware of thieves and burglars. If some folks who now bewail the loss of valuables had taken heed to the advice of this paper they might now be safe from the losses they have incurred. . . . People must take measures to protect themselves and their homes. . . .

"Already some burglaries have been committed, and people coming out of the Tabernacle yesterday morning had their pockets picked, much to their astonishment as well as chagrin. There are some experienced crooks in town on their way to Chicago. . . . " The (Salt Lake) Herald

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