LDS radio network on the airwaves

Anew LDS radio network - Bonneville International LDS Radio Network - offers listeners Church-sponsored programming 24 hours a day.

"The new network is providing high-quality religious programs to listeners across the United States, Canada and parts of Central America," said Richard W. Linford, a vice president of Bonneville International Corp., the Church-owned broadcast/communication company that owns and operates the network.The network has been on the air since spring 1992, explained Brother Linford, managing officer of the new network.

He described the programming as inspirational, noting that for 25 hours each week the network broadcasts portions of the most recent general conferences, and also carries rebroadcasts of 19 BYU devotionals. Other religious-oriented programs include Book of Mormon tapes; news of the Church; the "Times and Seasons," an LDS program that deals with societal issues; "LDS Worship Service," which features sacrament meeting talks; "Teachings of the Book of Mormon" with Hugh Nibley; and "World of Religion," a program of news produced by the Associated Press about various religions around the world.

A half-hour program of "Music and the Spoken Word," which features music by the Tabernacle Choir, is broadcast 21 times a week.

Programming that may not be religious in nature but might appeal to an LDS audience is provided also, Brother Linford noted.

Local Utah news is provided, as well as BYU sports, including pre-game and post-game shows and other local sports programs.

Dominant day-time features of the network are general conference talks, Church news, scripture reading and other religious programs, while, for the time being, music comprises the bulk of overnight programming.

Originating from Bonneville International Communication's headquarters in Salt Lake City, the network can be received in one of three ways:

Via a C-Band satellite dish and tuner. The network can be received in the U.S., including Hawaii and Alaska; Canada; and Central America on GE SATCOM C1 (137 degrees west) satellite, Transponder 6, audio 5.58 MHz. Listeners may need to install an audio card in their receivers.

Through an FM subcarrier signal. Bonneville has arranged with a manufacturer to provide a specially adapted AM/FM subcarrier radio to pick up its FM subcarrier signal in Salt Lake City, Ogden and Provo, Utah; Los Angeles and San Francisco, Calif.; Seattle, Wash.; Phoenix, Ariz.; Dallas, Texas; Kansas City, Kan.; Chicago, Ill.; and New York City, N.Y. Each radio is adapted for a specific city and its surrounding area.

The cost of the 92KHz portable radio is $85, including shipping and handling. Listeners can purchase a radio - or adapt their COMPOL 67KHz radios for $20 - by contacting COMPOL, Inc.; 415 Campbell Mill Rd.; Mason, N.H. 03033; 800-972-0881. The city for which the radio will be adapted should be specified.

In addition, listeners using 67KHz or 92KHz subcarrier radios made by other manufacturers need to have their radios adjusted to pick up the Bonneville signal in their areas.

Through basic cable. Residents in the Salt Lake area can connect an FM radio receiver to TCI Cablevision of Utah and then tune to FM frequency 100.8. Call 485-0500 for more details.

For a programming guide for the new LDS radio network, contact Bonneville International LDS Radio Network; 8th Floor; 55 N. Third West; P.O. Box 1160; Salt Lake City, Utah 84110-1160. It should be specified whether a satellite, FM subcarrier radio or cable service will be used to receive the network. For more information about the LDS radio network, call 801-575-7663.

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