New stake presidencies

Elder John H. Groberg of the Seventy has created the Santa Margarita California Stake, which includes the Aliso Creek, Lake Forest, Live Oak Canyon, Mission Lake, Santa Margarita and Trabuco wards.

Elsewhere, stakes were reorganized in Colombia, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, the Philippines, and in Maryland.New stake

SANTA MARGARITA CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Jan. 17, 1993) Created from the Mission Viejo California Stake. President - David M. Daly, 43, partner of an employee benefits firm, former stake president, bishop and counselor, elders quorum president and seminary teacher, married Susan Tanner. Counselors - James A. Fausett, 46, podiatrist, former stake president's counselor, high councilor, bishop's counselor, ward executive secretary, elders quorum president, and Scoutmaster, married Judy Ann Monson; James B. Whitesides, 43, executive vice president and general counsel of a national purchasing corporation, former high councilor, bishop, elders quorum president, Young Men president, and seminary teacher, married Kristine Lindahl.

Stake reorganizations

BOGOTA COLOMBIA KENNEDY STAKE: (Dec. 6, 1992) President - Hector Dario Cruz Arango, 37, Church Educational System coordinator, succeeding Tomas Jose Quiroz Rodriquez; former high councilor, bishop, branch president, and ward clerk, married Maria Esnecla Parra Perez. Counselors - Alfonso Enrique Martinez Luna, 31, negotiator, former stake clerk, and bishop and counselor, married Luz Marina Pinzon Caldron; Guillermo La Rotta Vanegas, 29, zone operator and maintenance supervisor for Church, former high councilor, stake single adult president, bishop, and elders quorum president, married Marcela Del Pilar Pulido Barrera.

DAVAO PHILIPPINES BUHANGIN STAKE: (Jan. 31, 1993) President - Jaime C. Galvez Jr., 38, bank executive officer, succeeding Allan Yee Aquino; former stake president's counselor, bishop and counselor, and high priests group leader, married Emeline Lim Quilaneta. Counselors - Anastacio Anoba Mejos, 38, senior plant superintendent, former stake clerk, branch president, and ward Sunday School president's counselor, married Ingrid Morales; Domingo M. Gulay, 39, draftsman, former bishop and counselor, married Lorna Ojendras Neneria.

MANTARO PERU STAKE: (Jan. 10, 1993) President - Augusto Guerra Paredes, 53, professor of secondary education and economics, succeeding Anthony Prudence Taipe Quincho; former stake president's counselor, high councilor, bishop and counselor, and Sunday School president, married Magna Pena Alaroom. Counselors - Victor Manuel Arana Vera, 45, system administrator director, former stake president's counselor, and elders quorum president, married Olga Isabel Manrique Perea; Hedinson Cairampoma Marmolejo, 36, public relations, former bishop's counselor, elders quorum president, Sunday School president, and institute teacher, married Nora Luz Capchu Tenicela.

MEDELLIN COLOMBIA STAKE: (Jan. 17, 1993) President - Pedro Nel Cardona Zuluaga, 40, salesman, succeeding Orlando Londono; former stake president's counselor, branch president and counselor, and branch finance clerk, married Maria Rubiela Garcia Echeverry. Counselors - Carlos Alberto Cardona Arcila, 30, former branch president and counselor, branch clerk, and elders quorum president, married Angela Maria Marulanda; Eduardo Enrique Pastrana, 35, business owner, former district president's counselor, high councilor, bishop, and elders quorum president, married Elsi Margarita Reyes.

OKAYAMA JAPAN STAKE: (Jan. 24, 1993) President - Shozo Makino, 48, design department manager, succeeding Akira Hatanabe; former stake president's counselor, high councilor, district president's counselor, and executive secretary, married Satoka Tamura. Counselors - Shogo Kawamoto, 41, facility technology supervisor, former high councilor, stake clerk, district clerk, and branch president, married Chieko Hiramatsu; Toshihisa Takata, 41, former mission president's counselor, stake executive secretary, district president, branch president, and bishop, married Sumiko Yoshida.

ROTORUA NEW ZEALAND STAKE: (Jan 24, 1993) President - Robert Solomon, 49, logging contractor, succeeding Leonard William Stanford Osborne; former stake president's counselor, high councilor, and bishop's counselor, married Harriet Evelyn Paul. Counselors - Realla Luzon Ngawaka, 47, restaurant manager, former high councilor, stake finance clerk, and bishop, married Carol Winipere; Ivor Joseph Anderson, 35, sales executive, former high councilor, stake mission president, bishop and counselor, ward mission leader, and Young Men president, married Donna Marie Birch.

SILVER SPRING MARYLAND STAKE: (Jan. 24, 1993) President - L. Whetten Reed, 49, deputy director of international research for Department of Agriculture, succeeding Kent Sheldon Larsen; former bishop and counselor, branch president, Young Men president, and Scoutmaster, married Diana Carrol Hagerman. Counselors - William E. Fox, Jr., 55, insurance broker, former stake president's counselor, high councilor, stake executive secretary, stake mission leader, and bishop and counselor, married Marilyn Craft; Rodney M. Atack, 53, consultant to Surgeon General, former stake president's counselor, high councilor, bishop, executive secretary, and seminary teacher, married Carmen Spencer.

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