New Seventy says, 'service in Lord's cause sanctifies us'

"Any call and any service in our Lord's cause sanctifies us," said Elder D. Todd Christofferson, a new member of the Seventy.

Speaking Sunday afternoon, Elder Christofferson explained, "Whether [calls areT performed in the glare of the public eye or in a quiet corner known but to God is of no consequence."Sustained during the Saturday afternoon session, the new General Authority related: "Not long after I was ordained a deacon, my bishop, Leon Walker, asked me into his office to give me an assignment. He handed me a bright key, a key to the chapel, and charged me with responsibility to help look after the building. I considered myself one of the most fortunate boys in the world to have an assignment from my priesthood president.

"But I soon learned everybody in the ward seems to have a key to the building. Just as soon as I had the building locked up for an evening, someone came along behind me and opened the door. As soon as I had opened the door for a Primary class, some diligent soul was there behind me to lock it up again. I could hardly stay on top of that job."

Elder Christofferson said that regardless of what callings members have, "What matters is that we do serve, for by serving can we keep our covenants with Deity. And in those covenants is the promise of salvation.

"Today I honor and express my love to those who taught me the covenants and in so many other ways have blessed my life: a noble father, a blessed mother, grandparents and great-grandparents, extended family, mentors and friends both in and out of the Church," he added.

"As I have agonized in recent hours over the acceptability and adequacy of my offering upon the altar of Him who gave His all, there has come to me the sense that I must focus outwardly; that as I seek the interest of His flock and lose myself in their service, His grace shall be sufficient for me. I so commit myself unreservedly."

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