Correct principles can make life joyous and satisfying

Observe revealed truth

Live principles- Strengthen children

Correct principles rooted in revealed truth "are anchors of safety," Elder Richard G. Scott of the Council of the Twelve said Saturday afternoon. "They are like the steel anchors a mountaineer uses to conquer otherwise impossible cliffs.

"All of the self-inflicted tragedy that occurs today from violation of the Lord's commandments could be avoided by careful, consistent observance of revealed truth. The productive power of correct principles can make your life a joyous and satisfying experience."

Elder Scott asked what creates the Church's valiant force of more than 48,000 missionaries voluntarily serving others. "From whence cometh their strength? The answer lies in the power of correct principles.

"We can understand what motivates missionaries to sacrifice to serve others by examining their early youth.

"When, as mothers, you are consistently in the home, at least during the hours the children are predominantly there, you can detect the individual needs of each child and provide ways to satisfy them. Your divinely given instincts help sense a child's special talents and unique capacities, so that you can nurture and strengthen them."

"President Benson," Elder Scott related, "has taught that a mother with children should be in the home. He also said, `We realize that some of our choice sisters are widowed and divorced and that others find themselves in unusual circumstances where, out of necessity, they are required to work for a period of time.'

"You in these unusual circumstances," Elder Scott added, "qualify for additional inspiration and support from the Lord. Those who leave the home for lesser reasons will not."

Elder Scott said to parents: "Some of you have children that do not respond to you, choosing entirely different paths. Father in Heaven has repeatedly had the same experience. . . . He continues to love them. Yet, I am sure, He has never blamed Himself for their unwise choices."

Elder Scott counseled parents not to make the mistake of purposely intervening to soften or eliminate the consequences of their children's deliberate decision to violate the commandments. "Such acts reinforce false principles, open the door for more serious sin and lessen the likelihood of repentance."

He said that correct principles are found in the teachings of the Savior, His prophets and the scriptures.

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