Sunday afternoon speakers

The fifth and concluding session of the 163rd Annual General Conference of the Church reached a spiritual crescendo Sunday afternoon and then gently prepared listeners to re-enter the outside world with the soft strains of "Abide with Me," sung by the Tabernacle Choir under the direction of Donald Ripplinger.

A stirring introduction to the session was invoked by the choir singing "For the Strength of the Hills."Prior to the beginning of the session, conducted by President Thomas S. Monson, second counselor in the First Presidency, Tabernacle ushers encouraged people to squeeze together to fit a final few who sought seats inside the historic building. All arrivals were greeted kindly and could be heard exchanging greetings in several languages. One gentleman beamed a broad smile as he shook hands with another. "This is my first time here in the Tabernacle for conference," he said, excitedly.

Prayers for the session were offered by Elder Carlos E. Asay of the Presidency of the Seventy and Elder Joseph C. Muren of the Seventy.

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