Scriptures: Divine map through mortality

Schedule time

Search with purpose- Ponder, apply

Searching the scriptures is essential for spiritual survival "during the stresses of society and temptations of our time," counseled Elder L. Lionel Kendrick.

Speaking Saturday morning, Elder Kendrick of the Seventy emphasized the importance of daily scripture study as the key to spiritual growth and rich blessings that await the faithful.

"The scriptures become a road map, a set of divine directions to assist us on our journey through mortality and our return trip home," he said. "Just as a road map not read, the scriptures not searched are of little value to us in providing directions.

"The road to the celestial kingdom is one way. When we fail to search the scriptures we may find ourselves going the wrong way on a one-way highway.

"Each of us should have a burning desire to search the scriptures diligently and daily to seek the will of the Lord in our life.

"The scriptures are spiritual food for our spirit which is just as important as physical food for our body."

Elder Kendrick noted that the Mulekites, mentioned in the Book of Mormon, were a nation without scriptures, and suffered many degradations as a result.

"The pattern is the same for individuals as it is for nations," Elder Kendrick observed. "Without searching the scriptures they cease to know the Savior."

He offered six suggestions for studying the scriptures, noting that "random reading results in reduced retention."

Schedule: "Schedule a time to search the scriptures daily. Scripture study is such an essential part of our spiritual development that we must take time to make it a priority in our daily schedule.

Pray: "Begin and end each study session with prayer . . . [andT invite the Spirit to teach us.

Search: "Search . . . with purpose, searching for specifics and an expansion of our vision of eternal truth. We must search for principles, doctrines, answers to questions, and solutions to problems.

Ponder: "Ponder the meanings of the things we learn from our search. To ponder is to meditate, to think, to feast, and to treasure. It is more than a mental method, it is a spiritual striving to obtain and to understand truth." He added that members should think, focus intently, feast, treasure up, and draw upon the insights gained from scripture study.

Relate: "Read as if the Lord were speaking directly to us in a personal manner."

Apply: "As we learn a principle we must make a real effort to apply and live it in our life," he said.

"The scriptures are priceless possessions," he said. "If we search the scriptures, seeking for the plain and precious principles, the Lord will reveal His will unto us and we will be richly blessed."

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