Temple work for ancestors is part of the divine plan

Diligently seek ancestors

Give the Lord time- Begin where you are now

The salvation of Heavenly Father's children from Adam and Eve down to the present generation is the most important work in time and eternity, said Elder David B. Haight of the Council of the Twelve.

"Our joy - or our disappointment - in the eternities may hinge on our willing participation in this great latter-day work," he declared as he spoke on temple worship Saturday afternoon.

Speaking of the San Diego California Temple open house, he said, "Many moving accounts have come to our attention as a result of this open house, and countless hearts have been touched.

"For more than one hundred years that same feeling has entered the hearts of vast numbers of visitors to this Temple Square as they have seen and felt the majesty and unsurpassed beauty of the Salt Lake Temple. One hundred years after its dedication, it proudly stands as a regal monument of the faith, industry and vision of the saints of God who built it."

Elder Haight continued: "But even more majestic than the temple itself is the vision of the purpose of temples which guided their builders. . . .

"One of the purposes of temples is to provide a place where redemption of the dead may be made possible by providing the necessary saving ordinances for them by living proxies.

"A great responsibility is associated with the supernal work of the redemption of the dead," he explained.

Some may have "visions of tedious poring over musty books and microfilms" as they seek after their dead ancestors, but Elder Haight counseled members to keep three principles in mind while pursuing their search.

First, the Lord never asks the impossible. "Give the Lord time. Have faith that in His due time all the information you need will become available."

Second, "begin where you are now. Take one step at a time."

Third, don't try to do everything at once. "Prayerfully determine what you should do for your ancestors."

Elder Haight noted that regular temple attendance is one of the simplest ways members can bless those who are waiting in the spirit world.

"All of these activities help provide the sacred ordinances of the temple for your ancestors," he said. "If you will do this, you will know the indescribable joy of being a savior on Mount Zion to a waiting ancestor whom you have helped.

"Our labor for our ancestors is part of the divine plan of our Heavenly Father," Elder Haight concluded. "It is a momentous assignment given to His Church, which we will complete because He has ordained it."

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