BYU production now available on videotape

The BYU production of "A More Perfect Union: America Becomes a Nation" is now available for purchase for education and home video use.

KBYU-TV was the presenter of the production in 1990, which debuted on more than 200 PBS stations nationwide. Since the film's original broadcast, the station has received numerous requests for VHS copies.The production was filmed on location at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pa.,and Alexandria and Williamsburg, Va.

The story recounts the intra-state jealousies of colonial America, the creation of the House and Senate in 1787, and the struggle of a handful of tenacious statesmen - James Madison, George Washington and Ben Franklin - to forge a new form of government and unite the states into a nation. The result of their tireless efforts, the Constitution, has been called "the greatest political document of the modern world."

Those interested in purchasing the videotape should call 1-800-388-4512.

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