Ricks College debate team wins bronze at nationals

Ricks College's debate team recently won bronze sweepstakes and two fellowship awards at the National Debate Championships in Odessa, Texas.

Coached by Eric Embree of the communications faculty, the five-member debate team won the bronze sweepstakes trophy in debate, bronze sweepstakes in individual speaking events, and the overall team bronze sweepstakes award.The team consisted of Karla Bassett of Cody, Wyo.; Earl Cahill of Henderson, Nev.; Jeff Johnson of Tacoma, Wash.; Rebecca Gravill of Chino, Calif.; and Lori Embree of Rigby, Idaho.

"The competition was fierce, and we were going against schools with three times our students," Coach Embree said. "Our students competed with distinction."

Karla won the bronze medal in prose interpretation, a bronze in informative speaking and a bronze in speech to entertain. Jeff and Earl won bronze in team debate, and both earned bronze in Lincoln-Douglas Debate. Jeff also won bronze in dramatic interpretation.

Ricks College also received two fellowship awards at the tournament. These awards "are given to the student and coach at the national tournament who best represent the values of fellowship, sportsmanship and excellence in competition," Coach Embree said. "This year both awards were given to people from Ricks College."

Karla won the Student Fellowship Award, and Coach Embree was given the Coaches Fellowship Award. This is the latter's first year as the debate team coach.

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