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Pacific Area

Hospital well-servedPOPONDETTA, PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Women in the Popondetta Branch, Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Mission, recently completed a service project for the hospital in their city. They cut gauze into squares, folded it into bandages and packaged it for sterilization. Everyone had an enjoyable time, singing hymns as they worked, said Sister Nina Gay Clark, who is serving a full-time mission there with her husband, Elder Lester M. Clark.

The women also beautified their meetinghouse grounds, culminating their activities by holding a dinner for others in the branch and serving foods they learned to make in homemaking lessons.

Participating were Maxine Surute, president; Ethel Ariembo, first counselor; Mary Jill Hiari, second counselor; and other members of the branch Relief Society.

Asia Area

Expatriate serves mission

DHAKA, BANGLADESH - Among the first natives of this country to be called on a full-time mission is Roseline Gomes, an expatriate who left Bangladesh in 1990 at age 19 to live with Church members in Canada. She is serving in the Canada Winnipeg Mission.

Sister Gomes was just 12 in 1985 when Kenneth and Beatrice Nielsen, an LDS couple working for the Canadian government, met and took care of her. The Nielsens left Bangladesh in 1986, but other members employed by the Canadian government arrived in Bangladesh, and a branch was organized in Dhaka. One of these couples, Norman and Olive Arbuckle of the Kirkland Ward, Quebec Mt. Royale Stake, took over the care of Roseline. About this time, the Nielsen's former cook, Bono Barua and his family, were baptized, the first converts in the country. Roseline was also baptized.

When the Arbuckle's returned to Quebec in 1990, Roseline came with them.

The Nielsens are currently serving in the Cameroon Younde Mission.

South America South Area

61 advanced in priesthood

SANTIAGO, CHILE - At the recent creation of the Santiago Chile Vicuna Mackenna Stake, 61 men were presented to the congregation to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood. Elder John A. Dixon of the Seventy, counselor in the South America South Area, presided at the March 21 event attended by 1,764 people.

Six of the men were called to be high priests and the 55 others were ordained elders.

"It was touching to see these men standing before the congregation to receive their support," said Rodolfo Acevedo, Chile area historian, who attended the conference.

"It was a happy and unforgettable experience to see the Lord's work progress in this part of Zion at the foot of the eternal hills that adorn our long stretch of land."

North America Northwest Area

Branch thanks Lutherans

NELSON, B.C. - Members of the Nelson Branch, Cranbrook British Columbia Stake, prepared dinner for their Lutheran neighbors recently to thank them for the use of their building for four months last year.

The two congregations meet in adjacent buildings on a hill here. The Lutherans came to the rescue of the Nelson Branch when the LDS meetinghouse was closed for renovations and an addition last fall. Every Sunday afternoon from August until November 1992, the Lutherans made their building available for four hours so that LDS services and auxiliary meetings could be held. The dinner was not only a "thank-you," but also a chance for both groups to get better acquainted and enjoy the new branch's cultural hall.

North America Northeast Areai

Temple work inspires

MC LEAN, VA. - Young people in the McLean Virginia Stake gained a better appreciation that temple work is for individuals after taking part in the stake's recent weeklong "Save a stake" family history-temple work project, said Virginia L. Bywater, stake public affairs director.

In the project, the youth extracted names of some 1,400 people from 19th-century records of a parish in Ireland. The youth were then baptized in the Washington Temple in behalf of those whose names they had submitted.

After the youth were finished, adult members of the stake performed 2,100 ordinances. About three-fourths of the stake's temple recommend holders took part in the effort, reported stake Pres. J. Ed Scholz. "Spiritually, the week was a total success. Members drew together as they worked for a common goal and purpose," he said.

During that week, temple attendance increased nearly 80 percent, said Temple Pres. David S. King.

North America Southwest Area

Couples, seniors, `magnificent'

TALAHINA, OKLA. - Couples and senior sisters serving full-time in the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission, "are doing a magnificent job" according to mission Pres. Glenn A. Wardrop.

An example of these are Elder Orson and Sister Nola Boyce, and Sisters Ramona Mickelsen and Gertrude L. Lawrence. Elder Boyce serves as branch president, and Sisters Mickelsen and Lawrence, who were recently transferred, helped in missionary and reactivation efforts.

Made up of 80 percent Lamanites, the branch's average attendance has increased from 50 to 60. In addition, after conversions in one segment of the branch in neighboring Wilburton, members are hoping a branch will be organized soon in that community.

The missionaries are teaching leadership skills to the Lamanite members of the branch. In addition, Sister Lawrence facilitated her ward's recent request to distribute clothing donated by members of her home ward, the San Andreas Ward, Lodi California Stake.

Bishop Stephen E. Amistoy contacted Sister Lawrence and the ward later shipped 23 large boxes of clothing to Talahina, where the clothing was distributed by the Relief Society to those who could use it.

North America West Area

History exhibit featured

OAKLAND, CALIF. - A display commemorating Black History Month was shown at the Oakland Temple Visitors Center recently, featuring black history in the Church and black history in general.

The display includes a cross-section of African-American Mormon pioneers; missionary work throughout West Africa and South Africa, and in Fiji and Haiti; youth activity; BYU students; and African-American missionaries serving throughout the world.

The display at the visitors center followed a special program, which included displays at the Interstake Center adjacent to the temple. Pres. Ed Whittingham of the Oakland 9th Branch, Oakland California Stake, organized the evening's activities, attended by 700.

Utah Central Area

Survey boosts mission plans

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - Members of the Heritage Ward, Salt Lake Granger South Stake, are thinking more about missionary service following a survey taken by the bishopric.

Some 42 of the ward's 52 young men responded that they'd like to serve a mission. The survey started them thinking seriously about missionary work, said Marlin Neilson, a counselor in the bishopric until his recent call to the high council.

In addition to surveying the youth, the bishopric also asked the adults the same questions.

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