Radio programs take on issues: family communication, alcohol

Two new LDS radio programs focusing on family communication and drunken driving have been sent to hundreds of radio stations throughout the United States.

Produced by the Church's Public Affairs Department, "Family Communication" and "Drunk Driving," are part of the Times and Seasons series, an award-winning series of 30-minute public affairs programs dealing with moral and social issues, said L. Gerald Pond, producer of the series.Produced in documentary style, the series serves the community by dealing with local, national and international issues through discussion and expert opinion.

" `Family Communication' addresses the benefits and consequences of good and bad communication within the home," Brother Pond said. The program examines the various ways people communicate, and several experts provide counsel about effective means of communication.

Brother Pond said "Drunk Driving" examines drinking and driving and the extent of the problem. It talks about the people whose lives have been taken because of drunk drivers and how their loved ones have coped with the tragedy.

Times and Seasons has 13 additional programs which have been airing on hundreds of radio stations since 1988. Titles scheduled for release are "Aging and the Elderly," "Ethics and Business," "Personal Preparedness," "Drug Abuse," "Emotional Abuse," "Religious Freedom," "Media and Values," "Health and Well Being," "The Nurturing Father," "Adoption," and "Parenting."

To receive additional information about the series, call 1-800-453-3860, extension 4397.

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