Fervent prayer leads to 'reverent moment'

There are many places where reverence is felt, including within the walls of our homes, our chapels and temples, and within nature. A constant, connecting thread is the spirit of joy and gratitude resulting from moments when we acutely recognize our dependence upon our Heavenly Father and feel His love for us.

One such reverent moment in my life occurred 19 years ago, and happened to be in a favorite outdoor spot not far from my home in the Great Salt Lake Valley.I was then a young man, back from a mission nearly two years, whose heart had been captured by a sweet, young woman. My heart was so taken that almost my every thought turned to her and the possibility of eternal marriage.

However, as a boy and young man I had witnessed some of the pain and sorrow that come from unhappy marriages, and I was afraid and concerned about what marriage would hold for me.

Without telling my cherished friend, I went, fasting, to a mountain spot one early evening. My purpose was to find out Heavenly Father's feelings about my relationship with her, and to discuss with Him my feelings about the possibility of eternal marriage.

I opened my soul in prayer for hours, and no answer came. I continued praying through the night, and at about the time the dawn broke the answer came. As I felt a confirmation of the Spirit, Heavenly Father let me know that if my friend was willing, I should discuss marriage with her, and that I should feel secure and safe if marriage resulted.

I followed His advice and found that my friend had fervently prayed that same night and had received the same confirmation.

My sweetheart and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple nearly 19 years ago. She still owns my heart, and it is safe with her. Heavenly Father, as always, was right.

I am grateful to Him for helping my marriage to be a continuing experience in reverence.

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