This week in Church history

A beautification program of "major proportions" was in "full swing" at Temple Square, reported the May 4, 1968, issue of the Church News.

"Landscape gardeners, tile and cement workers, plumbers and electricians are continuing their work, which is expected to extend through the spring months," the article said.One of the main portions of the project was the complete refurbishing of the historic Seagull Monument. "Workmen have ripped out the old tile from the sides and bottom of the pool surrounding the base of the monument. Electrical wiring and water pipes are being installed that will provide for night floodlights and jets of water that will beautify the monument.

"New and colorful ceramic tile will cover the bottom and sides of the pool. A granite cap will be laid over the circular top of the cement and tile pool wall."

Besides the work on the monument, the project included widening the sidewalks surrounding the Assembly Hall and on other parts of the square, the addition of flower beds, installation of new sidewalks and the completion of new sprinkling systems.

Quote from the past

"But as a people, we should endeavor, in the midst of all our troubles, difficulties, trials and temptations, to remember that we are God's people; that we are called to be His, and we should put our firm faith and trust in Him and leave Him to work out the results." - Elder George Q. Cannon, in a discourse delivered Jan. 8, 1871, in the Tabernacle on Temple Square.

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